Vidio Brings High-Quality Video Content To Any Mobile Device

Smith Micro Software has launched Vidio – a software platform that delivers high-quality video content to consumers, regardless of their mobile device. According to the company, the platform’s RF-based adaptive streaming capability empowers carriers and content owners to easily reach Apple, Android, Symbian, RIM and Windows Mobile users, and enhances the end-user experience by providing on-the-fly access to the latest online content in high-quality formats. RenderImage Vidio supports all industry-standard video file formats. Its transcoding and streaming technologies eliminate complexities for wireless providers, adapting content as it streams to suit both the requirements of a particular device as well as current network conditions. For cable providers, Vidio extends service reach beyond the TV, DVR and computer to the mobile device, enabling delivery to a variety of tablets and phones, such as Android, iPhones, iPads and the latest tablets being introduced in the market. “We’re helping wireless carriers and cable providers easily deliver video to customers, regardless of their device, to better meet user demand and grow their businesses,” said William W. Smith, Jr., president and CEO, Smith Micro Software. “With our latest product, we overcome fragmentation in the mobile industry caused by countless technologies and devices, and solved the most significant challenge in mobile media–ensuring a high-quality video experience regardless of connection strength.” Vidio enables content-viewing on-the-fly, while just-in-time video delivery enables the user to view content quickly while minimizing bandwidth cost.

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