Verico Shape 5 V3 review in pictures

“Verico may be a new brand in India, but it manages to impress with its debut offering”

The Taiwan-based brand Verico has launched its maiden smartphone, Shape 5 V3 in the Indian market. At first glance, the device may not seem to be so intriguing, but don’t just go by the looks. The smartphone features a rear touch panel, being only the second one in the Indian market to do so after the OPPO N1. The latter is a high-end device, but Verico has managed to incorporate this interesting feature at the budget price of Rs 7,919. The rear touch-sensitive panel comes in handy while taking selfies and can also be used for scrolling content, a plus point for this phone. The only downside is the version of Android, which is quite old now. Let’s take a look at a quick review of the device in the form of a slideshow.

Photos by Raj Rout

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