Use TrueCaller app to trace the caller

trucalldowthumIt is often frustrating when a stranger call you up again and again and you find yourself in a helpless to identify him. Now with this new TrueCaller app, you will be in a better position to trace the identity of the caller who is disturbing you. This TrueCaller app is definitely one of the most useful app in the mobile market. This app can be used independently without any support of official authority. A report from Swedish developer reveals that the database of this TrueCaller app is accumulated from the crowd sourcing. This app is somewhat a multi tasking app that helps you to manage your phonebook contacts as well. TrueCaller app empowers you to find a user name through its phone number and block that person (if you wish to). The CallerID feature is pretty smooth to work upon and you will love to hang out with it. TrueCaller also offers you an integration of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It will be a good option for you. With this app, blocking of spam calls is also not a big issue. You can also update your phonebook if some contacts are missing. The SMS pop up review is again pretty useful. TrueCaller app works pretty well with the EDGE connectivity. If you have a Wi-fi or 3G phone, then it will be a great incentive for this app. You can easily download this app from Hence it will be better for you if you properly go through the details of this app and make the most from it.
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