Updates For Windows Core Apps: By Microsoft

Technology news has been teeming with news of a likely update by Microsoft called Windows Blue. This update is like a firmware update and means all its services and products will receive a single update and will be unanimously updated altogether. This outdoes the burdensome method of doling out updates, app by app, product by product. Some sources said the updates to Windows Mail Games, Music and Calendar apps for Windows 8 and Windows RT are going to be given out before the conclusion of this month itself. w8rtm-new-larger-icons-620x349 There has been zilch from Microsoft however, who has remained very secretive about how the implementation of the update is going to occur. Another rumour is that Microsoft is at present in the beta testing stages of the updated apps with its employees. Needless to say, all updated versions can be sourced from the Windows Store. Bing and other apps including kernel and driver updates will be had with the Windows Blue update. All these will bring an enhanced and perked up Windows experience to the user. During August of 2012, Microsoft made changes to core first party apps by Windows 8, like Xbox Music and Games, all this when RTM versions of the new OS came out and more changes in the month of October of 2012 when Windows 8 went on sale. Some changes in the form of minor improvements have been seen however, since this isn’t anything major, end user disappointment is palpable, especially towards free apps like the Xbox Music and Mail. ‘Blue’ being the operational name for the next upgrade and modifications round, will even bring changes to a range of Microsoft products after its release, apart from of course refreshing the OS in its entirety. The best part of Blue is that if the rumours are true, then the updates will come under one umbrella and will be magna sent to all the end users. If this plan of Microsoft by Windows Blue works successfully and seamlessly, Microsoft will definitely have achieved something that will make the end user happy and will also place the Company alongside other major rivals. Microsoft will have surely thought this one through, and rest assured it aims to reduce fragmentation of apps and by this update, it will allow Microsoft more control over factors like pricing, management of updates, and tackling problems of piracy. Overarch To reduce fragmentation of apps, Microsoft could aim to make Windows Blue the overarching OS, allowing the company greater control over pricing, updates and piracy. As soon as Blue hits the market officially, an update is likely to reach Windows SDK and there may be a pause on developers’ freedom to develop specifically for mobile or PC platforms. If this be the case, the developers will persuaded and influenced to develop and create more apps for Windows Blue, which will be found at the Windows Phone Marketplace or the Windows Store. Only PC’s running a true and original copy of Windows will get the Microsoft upgrade, so those who’s systems crashed or got bugged and reinstallation happened using non-genuine Windows will be left out.

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