Update: Windows 8 to Support HD Video Calling, 3D Video and Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

windows-8 The people over at Microsoft have delineated as well as enlightened a list of traits they are incorporating into their forthcoming Windows 8 platform and as far as media is related, the software giant is proposing to offer users the best. With the media platform for Windows 8, the company has decided on lifting up recital by keeping media playback prompt and approachable by permitting the hardware power. One of the key features they are taking into account is to get enhanced battery life or diminish power utilization by having resourceful video decoding. This permits for lesser CPU usage, smoother video playback and an enhanced battery life as, their official blog explicates, the dedicated media hardware is more effective as compared to the central processing unit at media decoding. The company also exhibited a chart where the difference in CPU use between Windows 7 and Windows 8 was plotted and Windows 8 had a much lower rate than Windows 7 that is a praiseworthy up-gradation. Another thing covered by Windows 8 is latency. Windows 8 permits a low latency for both playback & communication linked scenarios. Win 8 will also back up HD cameras to augment the video communication know-how. The operating system by default will back HD cameras, which will permit a reliable, high-class, hardware accelerated media utilization for personal computers projected for Windows 8. The other subject that was mentioned was adaptive bitrate streaming. On the whole, adaptive bitrate streaming is helpful at the user level as it provides a smooth, lag free approachable video playback experience.
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