Universal Mobile Charger – One Charger for all Mobiles!

Worldover there is lot of variations in mobile phone chargers with different pin size, different electricity requirements etc., Even if you own two or three different mobile phones chances are that you would be carrying multiple mobile phone chargers. That’s inefficient! So, the leading UN Agency for Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) – International Telecommunication Unit (ITU) – has come up with a plan to introduce a universal mobile phone charging solutions (UCS) and is ready to be introduced in the market. The Director of ITU, Malcolm Johnson said to reporters that this is a significant step in reducing the environmental impact of mobile charging. He said the UCS would reduce 13.6 million tonnes of Corbon dioxided emissions eacy year and around 82,000 tonnes of redundant chargers. This standardization of technology would be accepted by the telecom companies worldover as the proposal has come from the world organization. This step would significantly cut the number of chargers produced, shipped and recycled worldwide. The new standard will ensure that mobile phone users can charge their mobiles anywhere from any available charger while also reducing the energy consumption.

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