Uninor offers cheap talk plans and STV’s for Mumbai circle

Uninor has jumped into head-on competition with other mobile operators in the densely populated Mumbai and Maharashtra circle by offering cheaper talk plans and tariff vouchers. These STVs and talk plans aim to make local STD and ISD calls rates low for the Mumbai subscribers of Uninor. uninor-logo copy
Uninor offers two STV(Special Tariff Voucher) for making local calls. The first one is priced at Rs.21 offers local calling rate as low as 30 paisa/ minute. It comes with a validity of 30 days. The second STV is priced at Rs.22 allows users to call at local Uninor numbers only at just 2 paisa/minute. Under these plans calls can be made within Mumbai, Goa and Maharashtra.
It offers only one STV for making STD calls. The STV priced at Rs.36 offers call rates as low as of 30 paisa per minute for talking anywhere across India. The STV for making ISD calls is also one. Priced at Rs.18 this ISD pack will give Mumbai’s subscribers to talk to friends and family globally for a mere 1 paisa/second !!! This plan has a validity of 30 days and will allow calls to Canada, USA, Hong Kong, China, Singapore and to fixed telephones in UK. With offering such cheap talk plans to a city as populated as Mumbai Uninor has sure made a headway in the right direction. This will offer tough competition to other service providers and Uninor might gain more subscribers in the Mumbai and Maharashtra circle. However it will be interesting to see which mobile service provider wins the race in this region. You might see others coming up with similar plans soon. Keep reading this space for more.
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