Uninor launches STV 48 and STV 78 in Bihar and Jharkhand

Uninor has introduced two new STVs for its subscribers in the Bihar and Jharkhand.circle. The two stvs come at a denomination of Rs. 48 and Rs. 78. The charges in these STVs will be on a per second pulse basis for local onnet as well as offnet calls. This way the users will only be charged on their actual mobile usage that will help save their mobile balance. uninor-logo copy

STV 48 offers Uninor users:-
  • Call pulse is per second.
  • 48000 seconds of free local Uninor to Uninor calling.
  • Validity for 30 days.
STV 78 offers Uninor users :-
  • Call pulse is per second.
  • will get free 96000 seconds of calls for local  Uninor to Uninor calling.
  • Valid for 30 days.
  • The Uninor users in the Jharkhand and Bihar circle will make full use of this facility. It is also interesting to note that Uninor has a strong hold over this circle and is being preffered by the users here. Its growth rate has been tremendous in the Bihar and Jharkhand circle and we see new stvs launched here by Uninor after every few months. Being a comparatively newer mobile service operator Uninor has been doing well for itself. It has taken competition head on with the other big fishes in this market and is giving them a good fight. It has maintained its hold in certain circles and Bihar is one of them. We wish it all the best and hope it launches beneficial stvs in other regions as well.
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