Uninor Introduces 1paisa/sec ISD Plan

Uninor is one of the fastest growing cellular network provider in India. The company introduced an additional (Special tariff voucher) STV 22 ISD pack and STV 111 ISD pack to customers in Karnataka circle. This new STV 22 offers the cheapest ISD call rates 1paisa/sec to customers with 30 days validity and with no talktime. uninor Uninor customers of Karnataka circle can make make international calls to 35 countries for a cheapest price ever which is as low as 1p/sec. Similarly, the Uninor ISD pack 111 will offer a Rs.100 talktime with 30 days of validity which is a worth value for money. Frode Haugen, Executive Vice President, Uninor Karnataka circle, said, “Introducing the STV 111 ISD pack and STV 22 ISD pack has been a dedicated effort on our part to offer the best services to our subscribers. We are confident that this plan will be well accepted within our existing customers and will become a choice for other customers as a preferred plan for international calls.”

Tariff Countries
1p/sec US, Canada, China, the UK fixed telephony, Hong Kong and Singapore
4p/ sec Bangladesh, Malaysia, Thailand, Greece fixed telephony, Spain fixed telephony, Romania fixed telephony and Russia fixed telephony
11p/ sec Australia, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Japan, Bahrain, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Yemen, Oman fixed telephony, Qatar fixed telephony, Philippines fixed telephony, Russia wireless, Greece wireless, Romania wireless and Spain wireless
18p/sec UK Mobile, Libya fixed telephony, Qatar Mobile, Philippines Mobile and Afghanistan
25p/sec Libya Mobile, Oman Mobile and Myanmar
To know more about this voucher information, dial 121 from your Uninor mobile number.
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