Undead Slayer Game App arrives on the Google Play Store

The much awaited action game from Hack n’ Slash, the Undead Slayer is now available for download globally. The Undead Slayer Game was originally released in the Beta form in Canada and Australia around a week ago and now it has been released worldwide including its arrival on the Google Play Store for the Android Users. It is a Game developed individually by a single person which can be considered as an impressive deed if talked about the Quality of the Game. Hack n’ Slash has designed the Undead Slayer with an Ancient Chinese Dynasty as its background. The Action Game is struck in an Ancient chinese world infested with monsters and other zombies that are required to kill by the Player in order to survive and move further ahead in the Game. The Undead Slayer is uniquely accompanied by Zombies in a fictional world which requires the Player to pick up a Samurai Weapon and fight with them. While playing the Undead slash Game a Player has many options of playable characters to chose from. Each of the Characters have been accompanied by some special power of their own along with their own weapons. As the Game moves further the level of Playing moves up and obtains more power and more health. The game may tend to remind the player of the the old Dynasty Warrior Games. Undead Slayer game has received positive reviews primarily. So, if you are excited to play the game then you can download it free from the Google Play Store.

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