Ubuntu Phone OS will be Right here in Early 2014

Ubuntu for Android was announced in February 2012 during an International event. As promised earlier, Ubuntu is taking the wraps off the mobile phone version of Ubuntu OS. According to Canonical, the new Ubuntu Phone OS is built around the existing Android Kernel and drivers and not the Java Virtual Machine as promised. This mobile version OS supports both ARM and x86 processors and that means it works well with entry-level Smartphone too. Ubuntu-phonesNot to anyone’s surprise, Ubuntu handset brings whole lot of unique features to kick-off the competition. This includes, the various screen swipes, support of HTML5 apps, apps from native cousins, other OS and faster processing speeds and what not. While describing the features, Canonical says that Swiping in from four different edges of the screen allow users to switch between apps and search for content. A short swipe from the left side of the screen brings up a dock of your favorite apps, a full left-to-right swipe will pull up all of your open apps. Users can “just type” for universal search in WebOS. Adding to that, Canonical claims Ubuntu have own voice commands and that Voice and Text commands will work across all applications. The first Ubuntu phones are expected to ship in late 2013 in Western Europe with features like unique gestures for app switching, universal search, and built-in voice commands. Later, Smartphones running proper Ubuntu OS will hit the markets by early 2014.

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