Ubuntu for Android: Transforming Your Smartphone into a Real PC

Canonical is bringing Ubuntu in its full-fledged desktop form to multi-core Android smartphones docked with a keyboard and monitor. “Use Android on the phone and Ubuntu as your desktop, both running simultaneously on the same device, with seamless sharing of contacts, messages and other common services,” the company said. When the Android device is connected to a computer screen, it launches a full Ubuntu desktop on the computer display. All data and services are shared between the Ubuntu and Android environments, which run simultaneously on the device. “So, Android applications such as contacts, telephony and SMS/MMS messaging are accessible from the Ubuntu interface. Indeed, all data on the smartphone can be accessed at any time, docked or not.” ubuntu-android “The first PC for the next billion knowledge workers could be a phone – but they won’t just want to use it as a handset. They will want all the flexibility and productivity of a full desktop, as well as the convenience of a smartphone on the move. Ubuntu for Android represents the first opportunity for handset makers and network operators to address this growth opportunity in emerging markets,” said Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Canonical. “The desktop is the killer-app for quad-core phones in 2012,” added Shuttleworth. “Ubuntu for Android transforms your high-end phone into your productive desktop, whenever you need it.” Canonical said the hardware requirements include support for HDMI and USB, standard features in high-end handsets planned for late 2012.

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