Type for Talk – New iPhone App

India-based Hunka Web Solutions (HWS) has launched its new iphone application ‘Type for Talk’. It is a set of translation application that can convert words and sentences from english language to six different voice connotations like Rapid, Articulation, Retard, Bizarre, Clone and Humorist. Type for Talk comes with an embeded pronunciation module which has an input limit of 12 digits. Users can put upto 12 digits and the application can pronounce it for them. While it seems to decipher and translate any English word with no problem, if the user enters any non-meaningful text, it is read as character and for more than 12 digit it is read as digit. The user interface is equipped with easily accessible options for choosing different voices, thereby helping the users to get the right translation quickly. Elaborating on the functioning of this iphone app, Akshay Hunka, chief executive officer and founder, HWS, said, “You type your phrases into the application and it quickly translates the phrase word by word. If the text is not meaningful and you are not sure how to pronunce the phrases then the application reads the input as characters. Press the “done” button which translates your text and you can hear your text in six different human voice emotions.” “Type for Talk is a one of its kind iphone app that gives you 250 character text and 12 digit in numbers with accurate translation in English language with six different voices. It’s one of the best translation iphone application developed by Hunka Web Solutions”, added Akshay.

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