Two Popular Wi-Fi Calling Apps

Here are some of the well known, and most popular of the Wi-Fi calling apps. We all know more about Skype and Fringe, so we thought it befitting to compile a review of the following two apps to give you a better insight. WiFi-CallingKakaoTalk KakaoTalk lets you make calls for free and send around text messages in its network. Kakao Talk brings in a whole entertaining wholesome experience with fun and playful  animated emoticons and custom themes. There are a ton of funky, smart and cool themes with good quality design and graphics. Kakao even works across various other mobile  platforms, apart from Android and including iOS, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone. This app is being increasingly used  across the globe as being a popular download. There is also a pair of free plug-ins which improve the experience, and includes polls and photo sharing. The new version 0.8.2 is still in its rustic stages so prepare to wait before downloading. Kakao should receive an update to set right these messes. Tango is another like Kakao. It too works across multiple platform services.  Tango is capable of running on desktops and smartphone  devices. With Tango you’ll get free international voice and video calling plus  messages and photos sharing features.  Recently an update for  Android made It possible to send audio messages, share photos to Facebook, and use a host of avatars and video filters for calls. Some of these features introduced with the update require Android 4.0 and upward  to run. With Tango too you can use a range of animations over your text conversations. Create character to your screen and chats with their unique themes and designs. Other features are that you can play games during a video call with the other person, and use avatars.

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