Twitter has made three updates for Android and iphone apps

Twitter the famous social networking site has made three updates to its Android and iPhone applications. The first update is a Discover tab has been added to the application. Through this new tab you can find out what tweets have been retweeted and favorited by people you follow. Also this tab will tell if  a person you follow has added another friend to their list or are following anyone new. Activity appearing below stories in Discover can be tapped on. It will let you read more tweets and retweets about that story. Second update made by twitter is the updated search functions. This update will suggest to you spellings and terms related to your search. While searching auto completed searches for people’s username or last or first name will appear. In  iPhone a new feature has been added as a part of the second update. According to this iPhone feature if you tap your search box in Discover it will show you your recent searches and queries. While searching for a username via Connect it will directly take you to that person’s profile. The third and last update is Notification that can be activated to your mobiles when some new person starts to follow you or for your retweeted or favorited tweets. This social networking site has added these enhancements in order to give you a more complete mobile micro blogging experience. So Happy tweeting people!!
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