Twitter for Nokia app launched for S40 featurephones

Here’s good news for all Nokia S40 OS-based phone users who wants not to miss Twitter feeds any single minute. Now such user base can access Twitter through just launched dedicated full feature Twitter app. twitter-s40 The ‘Twitter for Nokia’ app is now made available for all S40 running phones and users can access the whole world of their favorite social platform Twitter. The step of the two giants is considered to be a great move in offering millions of users the power of news feed in hand. With this new Twitter for Nokia app users can post their tweets and also can follow tweets of others. Users can also browse through most interesting prevailing tweets across the world via the app. Nokia said all the new S40 featuresphones will be coming with this Twitter for Nokia app pre-installed. Existing users of S40 Nokia phones can download the Twitter for Nokia app from THIS LINK. Earlier Twitter updated its mobile Web app and also announced partnership with MediaTek for bringing information network experience to users in emerging countries. Do share with your fellow readers your experience with the installation of Twitter for Nokia app and a brief about its pros and cons.

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