Twicca App Review

In this world of social application craze, Twicca is a beautifully designed Twitter app with a whole range of features and customizations. The Twicca is really notable for its simplicity and good functionality. Twicca AppFeatures and UI The app has a nice User interface and provides several settings for customizing the UI, posting tweets, receiving notifications, searching, setting the location, previewing content and an array of such things. As for Tweeting you can use this app by either replying to selected users or all the users mentioned in a tweet.The app also supports retweets as well as retweeting by quoting the user. Using this app you can also geo-tag your tweets and attach URLs to them and supports URL-shortening. It displays the client or interface from which a tweet has been posted. The app also lets you to share tweets using other apps. It displays the tweets between users together as a conversation. This allows you to determine the frequency with which you receive notifications. In order to save battery life, turn off auto-refresh option. For all the Media handling requirements the Twicca lets you attach photos and videos to tweets using the ‘’ shortener. You can also use the app to directly shoot photos and videos. The app also offers an image viewer, which displays images from most hosting services and those uploaded to Twitter. Twicca’s User interface lets you choose the number of tweets that are to be loaded at a time. It also offers a light and dark theme to choose from along with customizable font sizes. The Twicca app is fast and efficient and it does not drain your battery as compared against the other similar apps. Conclusion As per its performance as well as customization offerings Twicca is a brilliant and pleasant looking app. Moreover, this app is free, user-friendly and quick. This application can appeal even to a casual tweeter user. Twicca’s plus points are its easy, functional, customizable as well as beautiful interface.

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