Turtle Beach Ear Force XP Seven Preview

Turtle Beach’s new headset, the XP Seven, is the latest offering with a lot of good features on the offering. Turtle Beach is the self-proclaimed number 1 company in gaming audio market, however, the new Seven series has really made the company a top notch one. The range offers a wide option from an entry level stereo set-up to an adjustable 5.1 surround sound and cross-over between all major gaming platforms. Listening to the brand new Turtle Beach Ear Force XP Seven All these hi-tech features come only at $280, which is not a big deal. Let us take a brief look at the recently launched Turtle Beach Ear Force XP Seven. Design and features The Turtle Beach Ear Force XP Seven headphones are greatly designed with a factual black and white design with a bit of flash. It is really stylish and classy as well. Its foam ear pads on the inside of the ear cups are layered in soft leatherette, and surrounded by a black speaker screen which covers the headphones 50mm drivers. The headphone sports a braided cable with a 6-pin connector piece at the end. On the left ear cup is the input for the removable chat mic. The ear cups also swivel for adjustment. The Turtle Beach Ear Force XP Seven headphone can connect to a smartphone or PS Vita via a 3.5mm adaptor cable. The Interface connects the XP Seven system directly to your gaming device. For Xbox 360 and PS3, a USB connection powers the system. Fit and comfort The Seven’s ear cups have a great clamping force but with time it becomes comfortable and firm fit. The headphone is good for prolonged sessions as well. Audio performance Turtle Beach Ear Force XP Seven has a very impressive sound quality with bright midrange, smooth upper register, and a powerful well defined bass. It has a sparkling and open sound with great treble treatment. Conclusion Turtle Beach Ear Force XP Seven is the maker’s top offering and is perfect for a music lover as well as a serious gamer.

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