Turkish Company builds 65-inch Android HoneyComb Tablet

A Turkey based company here gets a solution for a bigger size Android experience. The company used a 10-inch Android HoneyComb tablet to power a gigantic 65-inch LCD screen with 1080p support. The screen placed with two touch sensors will support for some basic gestures and also pinch to zoom feature. The company claims this as a biggest Android Tablet experience a user ever had achieved. The Android tablet docked to the screen comes with NVIDIA Tegra 2 SoC, 1GB RAM and 16GB of internal flash memory. android-tv The tablet sports dual cameras (rear and front), HDMI port, USB port, external memory slot, Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity options. The device connected to the dock gets prepared for instant connectivity with OEM TV, the HDMI port acts as an Audio video output, and USB as a touch input. As a future advancement, the company is planning multi-touch input screen using four touch sensors. The device now supports 1080p HD output and it appears to work seamlessly efficient. Also, the company is planning to offer the screens in multiple sizes which fits into individual requirements. Also, the screens which can be powered with smartphones and other pocketable devices are under considerations.

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