Tune in to Apple EarPods

The new Apple EarPods are a complete revamped version of its previous earbuds, even if they look little similar. Its new design was built after hard research that included the scanning of hundreds of ears to analyze their shape, to create a headphone that will provide comfort to anyone’s ears. Though the device is yet to be available, according to Apple the EarPods will have greatly improved sound quality. EarPods2Features and Specifications: The EarPods greatly compatible with just about any device with a 3.5mm headphone jack. This includes all iPhones, iPads and iPods, though Apple gives a word of caution that few models might not support its inline volume controls. Apple also includes a small plastic carrying case that needs a bit of work from your side, as you need to wrap the earbuds in, then the inline controls, and thereafter the wire around the edges but it’s a lot better than untangling them every day. Though the EarPods sound good, it is not extraordinary. Moreover, from the midrange up, they sound more like the original Apple earbuds, though little more refined. The EarPod is designed after analysing people’s ears for over three years, and Apple believes that the EarPods would provide comfort to most people. The EarPods are sleek with a teardrop shape that makes it more practical. They fit just outside the ear canal, pointing inwards with a tapering output that’s really efficient. Sound quality: When sound quality is concerned the EarPods are definitely superior to the older earbuds. With the introduction of paper-based drivers Apple wanted to improve the mid-to-low frequency response. The sound is vibrant and warm, with good details with the right rhythm and dynamics. On the downside, it could do a little work on its clarity and precision. Finally, it can be said that the Apple Earpods are really good for budget headphones, and very suitable for an upgrade from the headphones that come in an iPhone package.

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