Truecaller App Review

With the increase in crime and eve-teasing, there is a demand for security, the best and most practical method would be to introduce mobile apps which offer security. After the most horrific rape case in the country, Mahindra introduced the FightBack app. There is also another app to detect prank calls called the TrueCaller App. This interesting app detects anybody who calls you on your mobile anywhere in the world, with this powerful app you can also shortlist callers and locate the destination of the person. Truecaller-Mobile-App-number-search-incoming-call-screen You can download this app from you mobile app file. The User Interface is very clear cut and visible, once you download this you will have to confirm your region, after which the app signals each time you, call. You can also locate recently introduced features by opening the app directly, once open the first screen allows you to search for a particular number just be typing the number and within a blink of an eye you can access the name of the account holder and the type of network he or she uses such as Vodafone, Idea and so on. On the right you can gather your history of received call that has been registered on the app, using the ‘Update’ tab on the left, you can source a thorough update of all the contacts in your phonebook by typing your address and the app than scans through the contacts and provides the information in the database. The introduction of abundant security apps is a boon for the software industry. The launch of security apps such as Truecaller and FightBack will hopefully reduce the crime levels in the country and world over. The Truecaller app can protect individuals to prevent access to strangers, who can go to extreme ends to cause harm.  Let’s hope that with these apps crime rates can be minimised.

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