TripAdvisor Most Downloaded Travel App For iPad In India

TripAdvisor has claimed that its iPad app is the most downloaded travel app in India. The free app has a number of features unique to it, which are not on the website, including virtual tours of travel destinations and a function that superimposes images from the places near your location on to Google maps of the area. “With virtual tours on the TripAdvisor iPad app, we’ve made the experience even more engaging and helpful for travellers,” said Mike Putnam, director of mobile product for TripAdvisor. trip Travellers can access the new function by clicking on the Street View icon for hotels, restaurants or attractions. This is applicable to all places in the world where Street View by Google is available. In addition, travellers have access to map based browsing and location aware features like a ‘Near Me Now’ function to find hotels, restaurants and attractions near their location, along with access to reviews of hotels, restaurants and attractions. “Apart from its ability to allow extensive research for pre-planning for holidays, the application becomes a most handy travelling companion on the go by advising travellers on places to stay, eat and see, based on their current location,” said Sharat Dhall, managing director, TripAdvisor India.

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