TripAdvisor Adds Virtual Tours Feature To Its iPad App

TripAdvisor is offering a new virtual tours feature for the TripAdvisor iPad app, which is available for free in the Apple App Store. According to the travel site, the new functionality allows travellers to take a virtual walk through their travel destination with nearby places superimposed over Street View from Google, including TripAdvisor’s more than 40 million traveller reviews and opinions, giving travellers an even more engaging and insightful way to discover great hotels, restaurants and attractions. tripCommenting on this, Mike Putnam, director, mobile product, TripAdvisor, said, “For travellers who have ever booked a hotel or restaurant and arrived only to be disappointed by the neighborhood, this feature brings a whole new way to gain insights into their destination. Now travellers can get the full picture in advance, along with the wisdom of TripAdvisor’s more than 40 million reviews and opinions.” Travellers can access the new functionality by clicking on the Street View icon for hotels, restaurants or attractions. In addition, travellers can also access ‘Near Me Now’ functionality that will enable them to determine what hotels, restaurants and attractions are nearby. Access to the TripAdvisor forums will allow users to ask questions of their fellow travellers and receive helpful feedback. The TripAdvisor iPad app is available for free in the Apple App Store in 18 languages and 26 countries.

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