TravelPort launches ViewTrip Mobile App for Smartphones

Travelport_Logo-2092TravelPort has recently launched its new travel app – ViewTrip Mobile for Smartphone users. The company has released it in the Asia Pacific circle. ViewTrip mobile apps empower users to be in full control of their travel arrangements. ViewTrip Mobile is the first fully integrated GDS powered travel itinerary app. If you will utilize this travel app fully, then you will observe a fascinating traveling experience all together. “Mobile technology is playing an increasingly important part of a traveller’s overall experience and our mobile strategy continues to result in new, innovative solutions for our customers. ViewTrip Mobile is an exciting step forward for travellers as it provides them with rich trip information along with a wide array of destination content and tools, all in the palm of their hand.” said by Matthew Jones, Product Manager at Travelport. Let us discuss some of the key features of ViewTrip Mobile app. Your future travel trips get synced to your mobile easily. ViewTrip mobile app notifies you about the flight status through live flight alerts. You can also access detailed and legitimate city guides and transports services in it. Other stuffs includes weather forecasts, currency conversion center and itinerary management interface. The interface is user friendly and you can easily add or remove items to the itinerary. TravelPort’s ViewTrip mobile app have stylish graphic and will go with your Smartphone. Only the Android and iOS users can access this TravelPort app. TravelPort is also working to launch the white label version of ViewTrip. This will be an advanced version with lots of modern and lucrative trip management features.
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