TRAI reports decline of 1.47% in the Indian Telephone Subscriber Base

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has recently reported that the number of Telephone Subscriber all over India totally has declined to 921.47 million by the end of the month November in the Year 2012.


The Telephone Subscribers have declined about 1.47 percent as compared to the Total number of Telephone Subscribers in the Month of October 2012 by attaining a figure of 921.47 million by the end of November. The total Telephone subscriber Base was repoted by TRAI in the Month of October 2012 to be 935.18 million.

As suggested by the TRAI report the Number of Urban Telephone Subscribers has declined from  63.17 percent to 62.70 percent whereas for the Rural Telephone subscribers there has been an increase in the Subscription Base of about 37.30 percent in the month of November 2012.

But the Overall figures for the Telephone Subscription Base in India has witnessed a decrease to 75.55 percent from 76.75 percent by the end of the month November 2012.

While the subscriber base in the Urban areas in India decreased to 577.78 million from 590.73 million resulting a decrease of 2.19% by the end of November the Rural Subscriber Base decreased to 343.69 million from 344.45 million resulting in a decrease of 0.22% in November.

Overall, the Teledensity in the Urban areas decreased from 159.52 to 155.76 whereas for the Rural Teledensity there is a drop to 40.49 from 40.61

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