TRAI proposes fine to Curb Unsolicited SMS, call

A time has come when you won’t be just irritated with the regular unsolicited text messages or calls but take action to bar such along with a penalty to the marketer. TRAI-logo Watchdog for all telecom happenings in India, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), has proposed a measure to help curb the menace of unsolicited SMSes and calls from telemarketers. A penalty of Rs 500 will be charged on first complaint to the unregistered telemarketers. On the second complaint it will lead to the disconnection of telecom resources of the marketers. In unregistered telecalling the first complaint will lead to warning and second will be followed by Rs 500 fine. Disconnection will take place if the telemarketers do not follow the regulatory norms thereafter. Trai has proposed these measures under “Telecom Commercial Communication Customer Preference (Tenth Amendment) Regulations, 2012.” Trai has a system of issuing special number or SIM card to marketers for sending text messages and making calls, but it is seen telemarketers are also using general SIM cards and are not abiding to the rule of NDNC (National Do No Call Registry). Such telemarketers will be fined after complaints from consumers. Consumers can lodge complaints by forwarding the marketers’ SMS to 1909 or by sending an email to Trai. The SMS complaint format is as below: COMP TEL NO XXXXXXXXXX; dd/mm/yy; Time in hh:mm; short description of Unsolicited Commercial Communication” to 1909, where XXXXXXXXXX – is the telephone number or header of the SMS, from which the UCC has originated.

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