TRAI – Mobile operators can’t charge extra money for SMSes & Calls on Blackout Days

According to a directive issued by TRAI today, now telecom operators can’t charge any extra amount for SMSes and Calls on the Blackout Days like Diwali and all. TRAI is the telecom regulatory authority of India said that mobile users will not be charged any extra then their enrolled message and calling plan by operators. Black out days are those days on which telecom operators don’t provide free messages and concessional calls according to customer’s plan.

Mobile Operators in India

TRAI also added that all telecom operators will provide list of the blackout days of calendar on their websites. Operators cannot fix black out days according to their choice. Black out days in one year should not exceed 5. So this is surely great news for customers whom are suffering from their telecom operator’s service charges on such days. If you were being charged more than the normal call rates on black out days then don’t worry now telecom operators are not allowed to do that anymore. All the telecom operator companies are advised to display the details regarding their call charges on black out days in advance on their websites along with the dates of special days. They are not allowed to alter that information once published on the site. Companies are advised clearly by TRAI to mention that no Free SMS or calling plan will work on the black out days. Before that rule all the telecom operators use to send a message to their customer notifying for black out day. There was not enough information on the call charges or the message charges in these types of notifications. Now all the companies will have to make a list of blackout days on their websites with tariff details of those days. Via
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