TRAI makes it compulsory to offer at least one ‘per second’ plan to users

TRAI or The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has made yet another move to benefit the mobile users. It has made compulsory for all mobile service providing companies to have at least one tariff plan that has ‘per-second’ billing for its users. The mobile operating companies are allowed to offer a maximum of 25 tariff plans but at least one such offer  should have  ‘per second ‘ billing basis. “In order to ensure that per second billing remains an assured alternative option for all subscribers, it has been decided to mandate that all service providers shall offer at least one pre-paid and one post-paid tariff plan with the pulse rate of one second for local and national long-distance calls,” TRAI said. Per second billing became extremely popular amongst users when it was first started in 2009 as users only had to pay for the actual usage. However some mobile operating companies slowly started withdrawing this offer stating various reasons. In order to curb such companies TRAI has come up with this regulation.

However the call charges for the for the ILD (international long distance) on life time cards would be different. These calls made are however less frequent. “ILD calls or the rates thereof may not be a major factor that influences a subscriber in choosing any particular plan,” TRAI said. TRAI has the interest of people in mind while issuing this order. TRAI order will be welcomed by people at large.

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