TRAI bolster the steps to tackle SMS SPAM

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India  (TRAI) has been battling with telecom operators and tele-marketing companies to prevent the customers from abuse. Just 4 months ago, TRAI officially rolled out a very tight guidelines and regulations to prevent SMS SPAM and unsolicited commercial calls. Telecom operators and the tele-marketing companies were initially jolted by the move but gathered themselves and figured out a workaround to tackle this. How? Simple. Route all the SMS and UCC through international numbers!

TRAI has been getting lot of complaints from irrate customers regarding this new form of SPAM. TRAI issued a new regulation and guideline and has given a 30 day deadline for the telecom operators to implement the same. The steps to be implemented are mentioned below:

1. SMS routed through international servers and destinations were not required to scrub against NCPR. So, Telcos resorted to route all promotional SMSes through international servers located within Germany, Sweden, Nauru, Fiji, Cambodia, Bosnia, Albania, Greneda, UK, Jersey, Sin Maartan, Tonga, Vanuatu, Namibia, Panama, Antigua and Barbuda etc., These SMSes generally contain headers with alphanumeric code or starts with +91 or starts with international country codes. TRAI mandates that “All international SMS  containing alphabet header or alphanumeric header  or  +91 as originating country code should not be delivered through the network.

2.  If any source or number from outside the country generates more than two  hundred SMS per hour with similar ‘signature’, the same  should not be  delivered through the network. However, such restriction shall not be applicable  on blackout days.

3.  Only valid codes associated with the network  of those entities  with whom agreements have been signed by the Access Providers shall be allowed in the  network.

Telcos are given 30 days to implement this rule.

source [TRAI]

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