Touchscreen and QWERTY popular than Standard Keypads

qwerty_touchscreen_input The last few quarters have seen the emergence of touchscreen and QWERTY keyboard as a key input form among Mobile Phones launched. Is it purely a fad or is there a real underlying customer need being met? Well, the latest report from NPD Group – A Leading Wireless Industry market research firm – tries to address this trend. In their latest report, they have spotted a pattern – All 10 of the top-selling handsets in the US in Q4 2009 boasts touch-screens or QWERTY keyboards! The prime motivation for mobile phone purchase being the text messaging, consumers are looking for better and easier forms of input. Touchscreens and QWERTY keyboards definitely seems to address this demand. “Regardless of whether they opt for a data plan, consumers want richer user interface options; the humble keypad is losing in the race to optimize a handset’s surface.”, said Ross Rubin, executive director of industry analysis at NPD. In addition to this trend, Android-based phones are also making significant inroads in to the mobile phone market. So, as I have already mentioned, year 2010 is going to be the year of touchscreen-smartphones (preferably powered by Android OS). The top 10 handsets sold in Q4 2009 in US are as follows: 1. RIM BlackBerry Curve (all 83XX models) 2. LG enV3 3. Apple iPhone 3GS (both models) 4. Apple iPhone 3G 5. Motorola Droid 6. LG enV Touch 7. RIM Blackberry Tour 8. Samsung Intensity 9. Samsung Solstice 10. Samsung Impression
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