Touchless touch screen gives you control without contact

Presenting all new no touch technology from STMicroelectronics for your smartphone or tablet. This was one of the most stunning and gripping demos showcased at Mobile World Congress. Using this new technology a user can control the smartphone or tablet without touching the display. alcatel_scribehd-470-75 So, this means that you can swipe or drag and even prod the touch screen device without actually imprinting your nice clear screen with distasteful fingerprints. It is the controller chip that is remarkable and which is the core that mans the panel, and not the touchscreen itself. The chip uses the electrical field which the tablet is emitting and not the contact with the screen as is what is usually associated with touchscreens. A little reverse thinking, and a lot of progress. So, when your finger enters the electrical field the circuit is closed and the touch is registered. Once this is done, the screen can be controlled from even as far as 2 inches. This chip technology is dubbed as Fingertip by the chip maker STMicroelectronics and the demo was performed on the Google Nexus 7, good choice since the screen there is ultra sensitive so it’s easy to register the “touch”. However using this non-touch technology, you can perform wonders. Gestures that can render creative results are one among many great things that can be got through this technology. The technology works well but it needs to be perfected. Users may take time getting used to it too. However if STMicroelectronics is able to get a hold of the top hardware manufacturers, a few final tweaks later, this could be the technology that will be often used, for gaming, for designing for scrolling and browsing, we can think of many uses. Various factors will contribute to determine the efficiency and functionality of this technology, so with a concerted joint effort, this could be another big success story for STMicroelectronics.

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