Toshiba with Sony to demonstrate TransferJet technology at MWC 2012

Toshiba Electronics Europe in association with Sony will demonstrate the TransferJet close-proximity wireless technology at Mobile World Congress 2012. The TransferJet technology developed by Sony allows data to be transferred at speeds of up to 560 Mbps with a single tap. The TransferJet technology can be simply projected like the combine speed of Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) and the ease of Near-Field Communication (NFC). With this users can eliminate the complexity of troublesome device configuration and slow transfer rates. With just a simple touch or tap on TV using the smartphone camera can enable the TV screen to display images on it. Similarly, the audio files including music can be listened with a single tap. Transfer-Jet Toshiba will demonstrate the technology at Mobile World Congress 2012 using the industry first Single-Chip TransferJet solution (TC35420). The chip integrates all of the host interface, modem, baseband, and RF functions that are required for TransferJet. Also, the technology will be demonstrated using kiosk stores to Sony smartphones, content exchange between Sony smartphones, content downloading / uploading between tablet PC and smart phone and Toshiba’s tablet. Here’s a simple video that illustrates the future with TransferJet technology. via [Toshiba Press Release]

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