Toshiba Shows Off Android Slate Tablet PC

Toshiba has unveiled a future slate tablet PC running Android 2.2 which has an intelligently designed desktop interface for enhanced ease of use. The company’s slate tablet PC, with its 10.1-inch screen, offers easy viewing and supports Flash10.1. The device’s desktop UI lets user pick one of two arrangements for the icons: either as a matrix in ‘file mode’, or as a horizontal array in ‘line mode’; that latter facilitates browsing and selecting. Additionally, up to five different desktops can be configured to suit different access points – one for use at home, another for Internet cafes, and so on. “Always having one’s favourite applications to hand, depending on the location, raises convenience to the next level,” said Toshiba while demonstrating its device during CEATEC Japan 2010. This slate tablet PC is based on Toshiba’s Folio 100, which is planned for release in Europe this year. The heart of the Folio 100 is NVIDIA’s Tegra 2, a system-on-a-chip with power-saving characteristics.

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