Toshiba introduces new range of classy 29-inch LED TVs

Toshiba is an exemplary figure in the technology world with its dazzling range of cameras, laptops and so on. The company is now spicing up its amazing tech gadgets with the introduction of new models of 29-inch LED TVs in India. The models introduced are PB200 and PU200 LED TV series. Toshiba_Regza_SV-420-90 The company states that the new LED TVs will enable customers to enjoy a modern and advanced tech lifestyle from the primitive CRT televisions to the reasonable LED range. The LED TVs are a combination of excellent attributes of a quality product such as quality, performance, style, sound and power saving as stated by Toyota. The LED TVs deliver amazing performance with a powerful Toshiba’s patented Regza Engine that offers supreme resolution images to upgrade the received signals to generate the most premium video quality. The fastest processor is designed with breathtaking technology of minimum response time, hence rolling out an awe-inspiring picture performance. According to the company, the PB200 and PU200 LED TVs have been stirred by the philosophy ‘’less is more’’. The TVs are tailored to deliver quality lifestyle with an elevated viewing experience with style contributed by the narrow bezel. Beneath the bezel is a dedicated sound bar fitted with the new Power Bass Booster that churns harmonics at various frequency intervals. This has led to an increase in the depth of the frequency and clarity of the base sound is heightened, which leaves the consumer with clear and powerful sound. The PB200 and PU200 LED TV series by Toshiba are tailored with state-of-the art technology to generate improved lifestyle quality in the present face-paced world. The characteristics of the TV series are impressive acoustics, clarity and resolution. Toshiba has designed LED products to cater to a happy family bonding through the brilliant overall features.

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