Top iOS apps and games of the week #8

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Brian Coz’s Wonders of Life
Upword Notes
Another Case Solved
Bug Heroes 2
Coldfire Keep
This week has been choc-a-bloc with launches, and as always, we’ve waded through the list to bring you the best of the lot. You’ll get your hands on not one, but two task-management apps, plus a couple of beautifully designed puzzle games. But the icing on the cake is Chillingo’s new free detective game, which appears to be cheeky take on the debacle of Candy Crush Saga’s creator banning the word ‘candy’ from the App Store.

Wonders of Life_iconBrian Cox’s Wonders of Life (Rs 350)

Ever wanted to explore the mysteries of life on earth? Released by TV-personality Dr Brian Cox, this app features over thirty 3D models of creatures and habitats, two hours of HD video and thousands of images accompanied by expert commentary. Wonders of Life_1 Wonders of Life_2 Wonders of Life_3

Samba_iconSamba (Free)

A Snapchat-like app with a difference, Samba lets you record 15-second videos and send it to your friends. The app will then record their reaction and automatically send it back to you. You can send videos to any of your contacts. If they aren’t a Samba user, they’ll still receive it by SMS, but won’t be able to reply with a video. Samba_1 Samba_2 Samba_3

UpWord Notes_iconUpWord Notes (Rs 55)

A new note-taking and task-management app, UpWord Notes lets you sync notes with Dropbox, so you can access them on multiple devices. The iOS 7-inspired design utilises swipe gestures and formats your notes in an instant. The app supports tappable links like website URLs and phone numbers too. UpWord Notes_1 UpWord Notes_2 UpWord Notes_3

WunderMap_iconWunderMap (Free)

Weather Undergound’s popular interactive weather app, WunderMap, has just received a major update in version 3.0. Previously an iPad-only app, it now offers universal support and full-screen map views. The app lets you track storms, view thousands of webcams for real-time weather updates and even share your weather with you mom. WunderMap_3 WunderMap_1 WunderMap_2

Zippy_iconZippy (Rs 55)

Are you a stickler for organisation? Zippy is a task-management app that not only lets you list tasks and reminders, but also gives you infographic insights about how you complete tasks, so you can become better at getting things done. Zippy also features tags, a snooze button and the ability to share tasks via Facebook, Twitter, email or text. Zippy_1 Zippy_2 Zippy_3


Another Case Solved_iconAnother Case Solved (Free)

In Chillingo’s brand new detective game, you’ll investigate the mystery of why your town has outlawed candy in all its shapes and sizes. There are tons of cases to solve, clues to find, suspects to identify and missing objects to track down. Plus, you’ll be able to personalise your detective and even re-decorate your office. Another Case Solved_1 Another Case Solved_2

Bug Heroes_iconBug Heroes 2 (Free)

While you’re away, the bugs will play. Humans have left food around the house, and bug armies are out to claim their loot. The sequel to the popular Bug Heroes, in this second installment you’ll be able to master 25 unique heroes, complete missions and indulge in single or multi-player gameplay. Bug Heroes_1 Bug Heroes_2

Coldfire Keep_iconColdfire Keep (Rs 270)

Reminiscent of an old-school dungeon crawler, Coldfire Keep follows the efforts of four friends who strive to eliminate escaped demons roaming below their city of Newsettle. During this combat-based RPG you’ll also get to solve puzzles, collect loot and explore the depths of the city’s underworld. Coldfire Keep_1 Coldfire Keep_2

Oquonie_iconOquonie (Rs 170)

An intriguing game with hand-drawn graphics, Oquonie is a maze-type puzzle. You’ll have to find your way around a labyrinth-like structure, assisted by weird creatures who speak a strange language. As you go along, you can collect symbols from your new friends, which will change your characters’ shape. The seemingly bizarre gameplay promises to make sense as you advance through the levels. Oquonie_1 Oquonie_2 Oquonie_3

Tengami_iconTengami (Rs 270)

Resembling a three-dimensional pop-up book, Tengami is based on an ancient Japanese fairy tale. The unique gameplay requires you to flip, fold and slide parts of the ethereal landscape to uncover the secret of a dying cherry tree. Headphones are recommended to enjoy the original soundtrack accompanying the game. Tengami_2 Tengami_1 Don’t forget to check out Second Chance Heroes, UHR-Warlords and this week’s Editors’ Choice on the App Store, The Great Photo App.
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