Top iOS apps and games of the week #51

With this week’s fine selection of apps, you can turn your iPhone or iPad into a secondary display for your Mac, create gorgeous artwork on the go, or have a few laughs with a fun new messenger. In our top games, you’ll be able to adopt the adorable monster from Cut the Rope, race as your favourite Looney Tunes characters, and lead your squad of soldiers into battle during World War II.


Procreate Pocket_iconProcreate Pocket (Rs 190)

Procreate, the popular drawing app for the iPad, has been reimagined for the iPhone’s smaller display in Procreate Pocket. The app has 12 brushes on offer, but you can also choose to import thousands of custom brushes available online. It features dynamic layers, 250 levels of undo, adjustments for hue, saturation and sharpness, continuous auto-save and more. The app also offers 1080p video recording, so you can record your work as it progresses.

Procreate Pocket_1 Procreate Pocket_2 Procreate Pocket_3

Duet Display_iconDuet Display (Rs 620)

Designed by a team of ex-Apple engineers, Duet Display lets you convert your iPhone or iPad into a secondary display for your Mac. All you have to do is download the app on your Mac (available for free), and connect your iOS device via a lightning or 30-pin cable. The app claims to offer a completely secure and lag-free connection, and allows you to use the secondary device’s touchscreen for interaction too.

Duet Display_1 Duet Display_2

Instagram_iconInstagram (Free)

Popular photo sharing app Instagram has received a major update in version 6.4.1. The app now offers five new photo filters – Slumber, Crema, Ludwig, Aden and Perpetua. After the update, you can tap and hold filters to rearrange them in your order of preference. You can also choose to hide the filters you don’t use. To add a particular filter back, you just need to tap on the ‘Manage’ icon at the end of the row.

Instagram_1 Instagram_2 Instagram_3

Bebo_iconBebo (Free)

Bebo, the failed social networking app, is back from the dead. This time, it’s been reincarnated as a fun messaging app. To use the app, you’ll first need to create your own ‘Bebo’ – a custom avatar. Then, you can chat with your friends, using hashtags to make your avatars perform various actions and expressions. There are thousands of hashtags to discover, like #slap, #hug, #sorrynotsorry, etc. You can also use hashtags like #draw to open a doodle window, or #music to share a song.

Bebo_1 Bebo_2 Bebo_3


My Om Nom_iconMy Om Nom (Rs 300)

Om Nom, the lovable star of the Cut the Rope series can now be your pet in this new game. You can choose to adopt Om Nom, or his monster girl counterpart, Om Nelle. You’ll need to bathe, feed and play with your pet, customise their wardrobe and decorate their house. There are a couple of mini games on offer, as well as a series of quests to complete to discover your pet’s origins.

My Om Nom_1 My Om Nom_2

Looney Tunes Dash_iconLooney Tunes Dash! (Free)

Looney Tunes Dash! is an endless runner game featuring Looney Tunes characters like Bugs Bunny, Road Runner, Tweety Bird and more. You can choose to run as your favourite character, exploring iconic locations like the Painted Desert, Tweety’s Neighbourhood and more. Along the way, you’ll be able to grab power-ups, master each character’s special ability, and discover special Collector’s Cards. 

Looney Tunes Dash_1 Looney Tunes Dash_2 Looney Tunes Dash_3

Galcon 2_iconGalcon 2 (Free)

After six years, the classic strategy game Galcon gets a sequel in the form of Galcon 2. Like its predecessor, your objective in the game is to fight against another player for dominance of the galaxy. You’ll do this by sending out swarms of tiny ships to conquer all the planets. The game also gets a new online mode, letting you create clans, play in tournaments and make bets to win Galcoins.

Galcon 2_1 Galcon 2_2

Brothers in Arms_iconBrothers in Arms: 3 (Free)

The latest instalment in the Brothers in Arms series of World War II third-person action shooters has now been released on the App Store. In the game, you’ll play Sergeant Wright, as you lead your squad of highly trained soldiers into the heat of battle. You’ll be able to use a range of weapons and attacks, upgrade your squad, unlock allies and play various missions. The game boasts killcam zooms, and console-quality weather and day-night variations.

Brothers in Arms_1 Brothers in Arms_2

SimCity BuildIt_iconSimCity BuildIt (Free)

After being announced early this year, SimCity BuildIt has now been released worldwide on iOS. The game lets you create your dream city, strategically placing buildings to keep the taxes coming in. You’ll be able to collect and trade resources with friends, unlock iconic buildings like Big Ben and the Arc De Triomphe, and unleash natural disasters. You’ll also have to solve city problems like traffic, fires and pollution, while managing services like power and entertainment.

SimCity BuildIt_1 SimCity BuildIt_2

App of the Week

Brushstroke (Free)

This week’s App of the Week giveaway is the acclaimed photo-editing app Brushstroke. The app lets you import photos from your camera roll and turn them into beautiful paintings, using the various preset painting styles, canvases and colour palettes.

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