Top iOS apps and games of the week #50

Explore a vast oceanic world, form a combat team made up of your favourite Marvel characters, and play a sneaky thief in this week’s roundup of the top iOS games. Among our selection of notable apps, you’ll find options to automate your life, create easy tweetstorms and make free looping videos. 


Workflow_iconWorkflow (Rs 190)

If you’ve ever used IFTTT to automate certain actions, Workflow will blow you away. It works on a similar premise, but lets you connect multiple services to work together in a sequence. It includes support of over 100 actions, letting you create a workflow, and drag and drop its icon on your homescreen for easy access. For example, you can create an action which stitches together five photos to make an animated GIF, and send it via email. Other possibilities include getting directions to the nearest coffee shop, making a PDF of a Safari webpage, tweeting the song you’re listening to, etc.

Workflow_1 Workflow_2 Workflow_3

Clip Video_iconClip Video (Free)

Clip Video is an app that helps you create looping videos accompanied by a soundtrack for free. All you need to do is create the video, choose a soundtrack from the app’s library, add a caption in your choice of font and colour, and you’re good to go. You can share your videos to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and even explore popular videos and follow creators from within the app.

Clip Video_1 Clip Video_2 Clip Video_3

Stormy_iconStormy (Free)

A useful app for Twitter users, Stormy makes it easy for you to create tweetstorms. What are tweetstorms you ask? It’s basically when you post a series of numbered tweets about a subject, for when you can’t fit everything into 140 characters. Stormy lets you create these tweets in advance, choose your numbering style, as well as the number of seconds between each tweet.

Stormy_1 Stormy_2 Stormy_3

MSN News_iconMSN News (Free)

Microsoft has released a suite of apps under MSN branding for iOS. MSN News is a news aggregator, letting you read the day’s top stories and breaking news, curated by its editors. You can also follow specific topics, and share news via Facebook, Twitter, text or email. The other apps in the MSN lineup include Sport, Health & Fitness, Food & Drink and Money. All these apps sync across your devices and the web.

MSN News_1 MSN News_2 MSN News_3


Marvel Contest of Champions_iconMarvel Contest of Champions (Free)

Marvel Contest of Champions is a free-to-play fighting game where you must assemble your army of Marvel superheroes and villains to defeat the evil Kang. You’ll get to level up your team, and receive synergy bonuses depending on team affiliation and their relationship in Marvel comics. The game features dynamic quest maps, and battlegrounds in iconic locations in the Marvel universe.

Marvel Contest of Champions_1 Marvel Contest of Champions_2

Sneaky Sneaky_iconSneaky Sneaky (Rs 190)

In this stealth adventure game, you’ll play Sneaky, the stealthy thief who sets out to reclaim his stolen heist. You’ll be able to move through the world freely, disguising yourself to avoid detection. Getting spotted will trigger turn-based encounters with enemies, which get smarter as the game progresses. Your sneakiness in the game is rewarded, and there are powerful items like Monster Bait and Sleep Poison to discover and use to your advantage. 

Sneaky Sneaky_1 Sneaky Sneaky_2

Seabeard_iconSeabeard (Free)

Seabeard is an open world game where you’ll get to explore a giant ocean teeming with islands. During your travels, you’ll meet various tribes and characters that inhabit the land’s villages, farms, resorts and dungeons. Using the ‘Perpetual Adventure Machine’, you can find quests to help villagers in need, or build a crew to engage in activities like sailing, fishing, combat and cookery. You’ll also be able to recover lost trading routes, rescue shipwrecked passengers, battle sea monsters, and personalise your islands and crew.

Seabeard_1 Seabeard_2

Tales from the Borderland_iconTales from the Borderlands (Rs 300)

From the creators of The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead comes Tales from the Borderlands, a new five-part episodic game series set in the world of Pandora. Following the ‘suit’ Rhys and con artist Fiona, you’ll set out on a journey to recover stolen cash, encountering bandit lords, gangsters and Vault Hunters on the way. You can choose to play either of the two characters, exploring Pandora, and making choices that affect the final outcome of the story.

Tales from the Borderland_1 Tales from the Borderland_2

Highrise Heroes_iconHighrise Heroes (Free)

Highrise Heroes is a strategic word game, in which you play Seb, who is attempting to escape a crumbling skyscraper after an earthquake. Making friends along the way, the objective is to find out the cause of the quake, and clear obstacles in your path by creating words on a grid. The game features over 90 levels, and you’ll have to start from the top of the tower and work your way down to safety. 

Highrise Heroes_1 Highrise Heroes_2 Highrise Heroes_3

App of the Week

Space Qube (Free)

This week’s free App of the Week is Space Qube, a game where you’ll get to build your personal spaceship, fly it through endless levels as you shoot aliens, battle bosses and aim for the highest score. 

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