Top iOS apps and games of the week #49

This week on the App Store, we’ve been graced with a range of beautifully designed apps across categories like instant messengers, keyboards, photo-editors and to-do lists. There’s been plenty of action on the gaming front as well, with a new Game of Thrones based title, a Super Mario-style platformer, and the latest addition to the Peggle series.


Wire_iconWire (Free)

Wire is a beautiful instant messenger that works both on iOS and OSX, in addition to Android and an upcoming browser app, syncing your conversations across devices. It lets you send messages, photos and videos, and even make voice calls in HD. You can also group conversations and name them, or ‘ping’ someone to get their attention. The app has been designed to be battery friendly, and is compliant with European privacy laws.

Wire_1 Wire_2 Wire_3

Themeboard_iconThemeboard (Free)

Themeboard is a unique keyboard app features gorgeous themes submitted by various designers. Users can browse and download themes, learn about designers and even connect with them on social media. Themeboard features an emoji bar above the keyboard for easy access, and even makes text-to-emoji suggestions. It offers auto-correction and quick delete, and automatically imports your Apple keyboard shortcuts. 

Themeboard_1 Themeboard_2 Themeboard_3

Particular_iconParticular (Free)

Particular is a photo-editing app that lets you add particle effects to your photos. With advanced particle systems that are used in video games and special effects, the app creates effects like rain, snow, confetti, hearts and more. You can choose the size, speed, colour and quantity of particles to create photos, videos and GIFs. Once done, you can share images directly to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and email.

Particular_1 Particular_2 Particular_3

One List_iconOne List (Free)

One List, as the name suggests, is a list making and organisational app that aims to maximise productivity while minimising clutter. It offers colour-coded task prioritisation, a gesture-based interface, and due-date reminders for important tasks. You can also customise background themes and sound effects. The app features a widget so you can easily check your tasks in the Today view.     

One List_1 One List_2 One List_3                                   


Peggle Blast_iconPeggle Blast (Free)

Peggle Blast, the latest addition to EA’s Peggle series of physics-based games, has landed on the App Store. In the game, you’ll have to blast balls and pegs to reach high scores. The game lets you learn from three Peggle Masters, and test your skills against the Evil Master Fnord. You’ll play through various colourful themed worlds, each featuring 15 levels and a boss battle at the end.

Peggle Blast_1 Peggle Blast_2 Peggle Blast_3

Game of Thrones_iconGame of Thrones – A Telltale Games Series (Rs 300)

Game of Thrones – A Telltale Games Series is a six-part episodic game series revolving around the HBO TV show. The first chapter tells the story of House Forrester, a family loyal to the Starks of Winterfell. Set during the War of the Five Kings, you’ll be required to take on the roles of different members of the Forrester household, making decisions that will impact the final outcome. You’ll be able to interact with different characters in the series, and visit iconic locations like King’s Landing, The Wall and more. 

Game of Thrones_1 Game of Thrones_2

Roller Polar_iconRoller Polar (Free)

In this endless arcade game, you’ll take control of a baby polar bear as you ride a snowball down a mountain. You’ll have to watch out for obstacles as boulders, trees and wildlife, as you aim to reach the highest score. The game features real time dynamic day and night gameplay, unlockable achievements and simple one-touch controls.

Roller Polar_1 Roller Polar_2

Fist of Jesus_iconFist of Jesus (Free)

In this parody game based on the award winning short film of the same name, you’ll follow Judas and Jesus as they battle the zombie invasion caused during Lazarus’ resurrection. You’ll have to fight against the zombies and bosses by unlocking abilities and upgrading powers, unleashing divine punishments and miracles, and engaging in fast-paced duels. There are 60 gory levels on offer, joypad support and Game Center achievements. 

Fist of Jesus_1 Fist of Jesus_2

Bean Dreams_iconBean Dreams (Rs 190)

Bean Dreams is a new side-scrolling platformer with gameplay that’s similar to Super Mario. In the game, you’ll play a bean, bouncing your way through themed levels as you collect fruit and trapped creatures. For each stage, you can earn bronze, silver and gold medals by completing the level with the minimum number of jumps. You can also earn medals for collecting all the fruit in each level, or freeing all the trapped creatures. 

Bean Dreams_1 Bean Dreams_2

App of the Week

God of Light (Free)

All of this week, you can download the acclaimed physics-based puzzler, God of Light for free. In the game, you’ll don the role of Shiny the mascot, as you manipulate the direction light to rid the universe of darkness. 

Also worth checking out this week are DRAGON QUEST III, Shadowrun: Dragonfall and Tomb Raider 2.

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