Top iOS apps and games of the week #48

Earlier this week, Apple teamed up the (RED) charity to fight AIDS in Africa. The campaign lasts until December 7th, during which time the App Store has taken on a red theme, with all the proceeds from purchasing a participating app (or making an in-app purchase) going towards the cause. There are a range of apps and games that have taken part in the initiative, including Threes!, Clash of Clans, Farmville 2: Country Escape and even Monument Valley with a special new chapter. Apps for Red apart, there were also a slew of interesting app and game launches. Here’s our top list.


Screeny_iconScreeny (Rs 60)

Screenshots have an annoying way of eating away at your iPhone’s limited storage. To help you tackle this problem once and for all is the life-saving utility app Screeny. The app quickly scans your camera roll, helping you filter and delete screenshots that are no longer required. You can also choose options, like selecting all screenshots except those taken in the last 15 or 30 days, and clean up the rest in one go.

Screeny_1 Screeny_2 Screeny_3

Rooms_iconRooms (Free)

Facebook’s anonymous chat room app, Rooms, that was launched in the US last month is finally available to download in India. The app lets you create a chat room based on any subject, choose the topic, and customise the look and feel. You can choose a different nickname for each room you’re in, and share rooms with friends. Notably, Rooms isn’t linked to your Facebook account, and is a standalone app.

Rooms_1 Rooms_2 Rooms_3

Crimson Keyboard_iconCrimson Keyboard (Rs 120)

If you like the look and feel of the native iOS 8 keyboard, but want better word prediction and autocorrect functions, you should check out Crimson Keyboard. The keyboard refines the native design, while offering a dark mode and the ability to tweak theme colours. It displays predictions above the keys you’re likely to type next, letting you simply swipe up to complete the word. You can choose to enable auto correction, or opt for passive corrections that appear above keys just like predictions. Powered by Adaptxt technology, Crimson Keyboard lets you switch between multiple languages easily.

Crimson Keyboard_1 Crimson Keyboard_2 Crimson Keyboard_3

Viber_iconViber (Free)

Popular instant-messaging app Viber has been updated with a new feature called ‘Public Chats’. With the new update, you can now follow group conversations between celebrity participants, and ‘like’ content including photos, messages, videos, links and more. With the latest update, Viber also gets support for interactive notifications and share extensions, as well as design changes and bug fixes.

Viber_1 Viber_2 Viber_3


Proun_iconProun+ (Rs 250)

Inspired by the paintings of Wassily Kandinsky and Piet Mondriaan, Proun+ is a racing game with an artistic twist. In the game, you’ll guide a ball racing along a pipe, taking care to avoid obstacles. You can choose between five speeds – from Relaxed to Speed of Light – depending on your gaming prowess. Proun+ offers 11 levels, four game modes, touch/tilt game controls and a jazz-rock soundtrack.

Proun_1 Proun_2

Wicked Lair_iconWicked Lair (Free)

Wicked Lair is a tower defense and dungeon building mashup in which you play the bad guy. In the game, you’ll be tasked with building your dungeon as deep underground as you can, while training your minions to fight heroes who infiltrate your stronghold. You can also send your creatures out to destroy the town. The game features nine distinct dungeon types, which you can mix to create a unique lair. You can spawn over a 100 creatures, and lure powerful boss demons to your dungeon too.

Wicked Lair_1 Wicked Lair_2 Wicked Lair_3

Rescue Quest_iconRescue Quest (Free)

Rescue Quest is a match-three puzzle adventure game, where you’re tasked with guiding two wizard apprentices across an epic journey. The game requires you to match gems and cast spells to clear paths and defeat enemies. There are over a 100 levels to complete, with foes like imps, spiders and yetis to battle against. You can also connect the game to Facebook to play with friends, share lives, and compete for the highest score. 

Rescue Quest_1 Rescue Quest_2

Pastry Paradise_iconPastry Paradise (Free)

Another match-three puzzle game, in Pastry Paradise you’ll have to help the pastry chef Hannah as she sets out to stop the bad cook Mr Molleux from filling the world with cheap mud cakes and canned custard. You’ll travel across several delicious locations, making matches by swapping pastries vertically, horizontally and diagonally. There are powerful boosters to unlock, daily and weekly challenges, and Facebook integration.

Pastry Paradise_1 Pastry Paradise_2 Pastry Paradise_3

BattleMage_iconBattleMage (Rs 60)

BattleMage is a fast-paced side-scrolling action RPG, where you’ll take control of a mage tasked with protecting the land from orcs, spiders and the undead. You’ll have to complete each stage before the enemies get to you, leveling up your hero with gear, spells and more on the way. The game offers a range of different spells and skills for various combat strategies, and lets you use gold to purchase staffs and robes with unique abilities.

BattleMage_1 BattleMage_2

App of the Week

Guardians of the Galaxy: Universal Weapon (Free)

All of this week, you can download Guardians of the Galaxy: Universal Weapon for free. Based on the popular Marvel title, in the game you’ll join Star Lord and his rag-tag crew of heroes as they travel the galaxy while attempting to recover the five pieces of the Universal Weapon, before it falls into the hands of Ronan. The game features over 60 levels of gesture-based combat, and a choice of Story and Arena modes.

Also worth checking out this week are Bruce Lee: Enter the Game, Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath and 2 Cars.

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