Top iOS apps and games of the week #47

Heralding the new additions to the App Store this week is Vainglory, the MOBA game that was showcased alongside the iPhone 6 launch event in September. Other notable new titles include a Flappy Bird-esque arcade game, and the prequel to the popular Kingdom Rush tower defense series. Our top apps this week feature a smart weather app that ties in with your calendar, a new Facebook app dedicated to Groups, and a neat photo organiser.


Blippy_iconBlippy (Free)

Popular GIF app Blippy is back on the App Store, this time with a fun GIF keyboard. The app has a repository of GIFs which you can browse. Alternatively, you can also add your favourite GIFs from the internet and your camera roll as favourites, which will then be saved in the keyboard for easy access. You can use Blippy to send GIFs in iMessage and other compatible apps.

Blippy_1 Blippy_2 Blippy_3

Weather or Not_iconWeather or Not (Rs 190)

Weather or Not is a beautiful app that pairs weather information with your calendar events. The app features a seven-day hourly graph with minimalist visualisations, indicating the temperature, precipitation, wind, humidity and more. You can enable daily notifications for weather reports, and check forecasts for upcoming events too.

Weather or Not_1 Weather or Not_2 Weather or Not_3

Hanx Keyboard_iconHanx Writer (Free)

Hanx Writer, Tom Hanks’ typewriter-inspired app for the iPad, has now gone universal in the latest update. The keyboard mimics manual typewriter keys, and even replicates the iconic sounds and fonts. You can choose from a range of typewriters and ribbon colours, and use the keyboard as an extension in other apps. 

Hanx Keyboard_1 Hanx Keyboard_2 Hanx Keyboard_3

Facebook Groups_iconFacebook Groups (Free)

Following Messenger, Facebook has launched another dedicated app, this time for Groups. The app lets you view your various groups, share information, and post photos and updates. You can also create a group, or search and join groups of interest. The app also lets you add your favourite groups to the homescreen for easy access.

Facebook Groups_1 Facebook Groups_2 Facebook Groups_3

PhotoTime_iconPhotoTime (Free)

PhotoTime is a smart photo-management tool for the iPhone. The app works with your camera roll, as well as Facebook, Instagram and iCloud. It scans all your photos, using image, location and facial recognition technologies to assign keyword tags. You can then search for keywords like ‘beach’, ‘dog’, etc to find related photos. If you want, you can manually assign custom tags to make them more personal.

PhotoTime_1 PhotoTime_2 PhotoTime_3


Vainglory_iconVainglory (Free)

Vainglory, the MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game that was showcased at the iPhone 6 launch, has finally landed on the App Store. The game features 20-minute three-on-three team-based matches with other online players, where the objective is to destroy the crystal at your opponent’s base. The game features detailed visuals, optimised for iOS 8’s Metal graphics technology. 

Vainglory_1 Vainglory_2

Crossy Road_iconCrossy Road (Free)

Crossy Road is an endless arcade hopper featuring various characters like a chicken, pigeon, dog and more. Your task is to help them hop across various obstacle-filled roads and rivers, and avoid getting hit by cars and trains, or getting picked up by hawks. Along the way, you’ll collect coins which you can use to unlock prizes. The game features pixelated graphics and a difficult gameplay that’s reminiscent of Flappy Bird

Crossy Road_1 Crossy Road_2 Crossy Road_3

Earn to Die 2_iconEarn to Die 2 (Rs 120)

In the sequel to the popular game Earn to Die, you’ll have to drive your car through a zombie apocalypse to reach an evacuation ship at the other end of the country. With a small amount of cash at your disposal, you’ll have to smash your way through zombie-filled factories, underground tunnels and highway overpasses. Your car is destructible, so you’ll need to upgrade it along the way with armoured frames, boosters, roof-mounted guns and more. 

Earn to Die 2_1 Earn to Die 2_2

Checkpoint Champion_iconCheckpoint Champion (Free)

Checkpoint Champion is an arcade game where you’ll put your driving skills to the test in 10-second challenges. The game features simple, two-touch controls, where you’ll have to weave through obstacles, steer around hairpin turns, and turbo to the finish line. There are a range of retro cars on offer, multiple terrain types and video replays. The game offers a total of 48 challenges, and two endless arenas where you can practice too.

Checkpoint Champion_1 Checkpoint Champion_2

Kingdom Rush Origins_iconKingdom Rush Origins (Rs 190)

Kingdom Rush Origins is the prequel to the popular Kingdom Rush series of tower defense games. In the game, you’ll be in command of an elven army, tasked with protecting the land from sea serpents, evil sorcerers and gnoll tribesmen. The game features eight new tower upgrades, over 30 enemy types, nine legendary heroes and three difficulty modes.

Kingdom Rush Origins_1 Kingdom Rush Origins_2

App of the Week

Things (Free)

The powerful task manager, Things, has been selected as this week’s App of the Week giveaway. The app recently received a major design refresh, and was updated with Handoff support between iOS and Mac. In addition to being free on iOS, Things is also 30 percent off on the Mac App Store.

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