Top iOS apps and games of the week #46

There are several useful apps that have been launched on iOS this week, including a card-based mobile browser, a photo organiser and a keyboard/note-taking app that offers live proofreading. There are a bunch of unique games on offer too, like a story-based space adventure, a comic-book style narrative puzzle and an endless mini-golf game. Here’s our pick of the top iOS apps and games launched this week.


Ginger Keyboard_iconGinger Keyboard + Page (Free)

Popular Android keyboard replacement app Ginger Keyboard has now been launched on the App Store. The keyboard offers advanced word prediction and a selection of themes for personalisation. The Ginger Page feature lets you quickly type out text in a notepad, using the app’s live proofreading to correct grammar, spelling and punctuation. Other features include translations in over 40 languages, a personal dictionary and a text-to-speech reader.

Ginger Keyboard_1 Ginger Keyboard_2 Ginger Keyboard_3

FastMail_iconFastMail (Free)

Email service provider FastMail has finally launched its native iOS app. You can log in to an account provided you are subscribed to the email service. The app features push notifications, swipe to archive or delete, and the ability to pin important messages to your inbox. It also lets you search your entire archive in seconds, schedule meetings, look up contacts and respond to invitations.

FastMail_1 FastMail_2 FastMail_3

Wildcard_iconWildcard (Free)

Wildcard is a new mobile browser that aims to turn the web into swipable cards. The cards are designed to structure content into an easy-to-read format for mobile devices. There are cards available for several popular websites, covering categories such as tech, world, culture, news and shopping. While the app features a search engine, results are currently limited to websites that have been modified for the card format.

Wildcard_1 Wildcard_2 Wildcard_3

Kwilt_iconKwilt (Free)

Kwilt is a useful app that aims to help you sort through your photo collection. It assembles and organises all your photos across devices, social accounts and the cloud. You can amalgamate photos from your iOS camera roll, Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Dropbox and Google Drive, and choose from over six ways to organise them. You can also create custom albums, view photos in a slideshow, and share and edit images using various tools and filters. 

Kwilt_1 Kwilt_2 Kwilt_3


Space Age_iconSpace Age: A Cosmic Adventure (Rs 250)

In this intergalactic adventure set in 1976, you’ll follow a small band of space troopers who land on Keplar-16, which they assume is an uninhabited planet. Things turn out to be different than what they expected, and what follows next involves hours of gameplay, strategic planning, puzzles and mysteries. The game features several characters, and is backed by a detailed storyline with elements of romance, action and fun.

Space Age_1 Space Age_2

Call of Duty Heroes_iconCall of Duty: Heroes (Free)

The latest addition to the Call of Duty franchise will put you in charge of an army of legendary heroes, elite soldiers and drones, as you take command of a small outpost and turn it into a military fortress. You’ll then be able to take control of and level up iconic heroes like Price, Soap and Harper, and unleash Killstreaks against your enemies.

Call of Duty Heroes_2 Call of Duty Heroes_1

Golfinity_iconGOLFINITY (Free)

From the creator of Tiny Tower comes GOLFINITY, a mini-golf game that never ends. The game offers an infinite amount of holes to play, with each featuring its own complexities. The gameplay is fairly simple – you need to tap, hold, drag to aim, set the intensity of your shot, and release. The game features simple, clean visuals and a design that has been inspired by Monument Valley

Golfinity_1 Golfinity_2 Golfinity_3

FRAMED_iconFRAMED (Rs 300)

Indie game developer Loveshack’s long awaited title, FRAMED, is finally out on the App Store. The game features an all-new game mechanic, which requires you to solve puzzles by swapping comic panels. The creators call it a ‘narrative panel-swapper’, because the outcome of the story changes depending on how your reorder the various panes.


Random Heroes 3_iconRandom Heroes 3 (Rs 60)

The final instalment in the Random Heroes trilogy is out, and this time again the little heroes are out to save the world from an alien invasion. The new title offers refined gameplay, over 75 levels, 25 characters and as many weapons. The game offers large maps with hidden areas, an upgrade system, and collectible stars and crystal skulls.

Random Heroes 3_1 Random Heroes 3_2

App of the Week

Monster Dash (Free)

Monster Dash, the popular game which combines an endless runner with monster slaying, is App of the Week this time. The game was recently updated with a refreshed UI, new monsters, and daily events.

Also check out Flyhunter Origins, Duck Commander: Duck Defense and XCOM: Enemy Within. And for all Monument Valley fans, the gorgeous puzzle game has now been updated with a new chapter called ‘Forgotten Shores’.

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