Top iOS apps and games of the week #44

It’s the Halloween weekend, and the App Store is expectedly filled with plenty of spooky offerings. Don ghostly robes to terrorise the poor citizens of a haunted town, escape the clutches of an evil vacuum cleaner, and lead your pack of space marines to fight against the forces of chaos. For the faint hearted, we’ve got a nice, staid selection of apps, including a Bitstrips keyboard, a unique video messaging app and a digital business card platform. 


pq VideoApp_iconpq VideoApp (Free)

pq VideoApp is a unique video messaging app that lets you get current updates on your friends and family. If you want to know what your loved ones are up to at right this instant, you can send them a “peeq”, which they can respond with a real-time video within a three-minute time frame. What makes the app different is that you can only receive a video if you’ve asked for one. To make sharing easier, videos are compressed to less than 400KB in size, so that they don’t eat up your data.

pq VideoApp_1 pq VideoApp_2 pq VideoApp_3

Bitmoji_iconBitmoji (Free)

Bitstrips, the popular avatar cartoon app, has launched a custom keyboard for iOS. Called Bitmoji, the app lets you create and send a variety of emoji using your own avatar. You can create your own Bitmoji avatar, or log in with your Bitstrips account, if you have one. There’s a large library of moods, stickers and comic scenes to choose from, each featuring you. The keyboard can be used for Facebook, WhatsApp and other apps.

Bitmoji_1 Bitmoji_2Bitmoji_3

Intro_iconIntro (Free), the personal identification platform, has launched a new app called Intro. The app aims to reinvent the business card, by letting you send your page as a digital card to new contacts. You can choose what information you want to share, and send it to a person’s email address, mobile phone number or profile. The app lets you keep track of the people you’ve connected with, interact with them through the app, or save their contact details to your phonebook.

Intro_1 Intro_2 Intro_3

Calltag_iconCalltag (Free)

Calltag is an interesting app that lets you inform a person why you’re calling them even before you dial, to maximise the chances of your call being answered. The app will first send a text via SMS or iMessage to the contact, letting you choose from tags like #lunch, #work, #urgent, etc., and will then proceed to make the call. Calltag’s developers say the app is a useful proposition if you’re calling from an unknown number, saving you the hassle of sending a follow-up text message in case your call wasn’t answered. 

Calltag_1 Calltag_2 Calltag_3


Smash Champs_iconSmash Champs (Free)

From the makers of popular endless runner Subway Surfer comes Smash Champs, a game where you’ll play the trainer of a team of Champs – unique beasts with the ability to fight. The training happens through a Fruit Ninja-style slash mechanism, with higher scores unlocking more Champs and customisable gear. Once you think your Champs are ready, you can lead them to fight against other beasts. You’ll also be able to challenge your friends in turn-by-turn online gameplay.

Smash Champs_1Smash Champs_2

Warhammer 40000_iconWarhammer 40,000: Space Wolf (Free)

The latest game in the Warhammer 40,000 series, Space Wolf, is now out on the App Store. The game is a mix of turn-based strategy and collectible cards, where you’ll lead your pack of Space Wolf marines on an epic journey to the distant planet of Kanak to defeat your sworn enemies, the Chaos Space Marines. In the card driven combat, you’ll get to choose from hundreds of weapons and abilities, customise your decks, and unlock new weapons and bonuses.

Warhammer 40000_1 Warhammer 40000_2

Twisty Hollow_iconTwisty Hollow (Rs 190)

Twisty Hollow is a papercraft-styled puzzle, where you have to spin circles to make match-three combinations to create goods for the citizens of the town. The game features a range of eccentric townsfolk, including a wacky mayor who has outlawed bacon and gives fashion tips to ghosts. There are over 50 levels, and several unique combinations of goods to discover along the way.

Twisty Hollow_1 Twisty Hollow_2

Run Sackboy Run_iconRun Sackboy! Run! (Free)

Sackboy, the little knitted hero from Playstation’s LittleBigPlanet series comes to iOS in this new endless platformer. In the game, you’ll have to guide Sackboy through several iconic worlds, taking care to avoid the evil vacuum cleaner Negativitron. Along the way, you’ll find stickers to unlock prizes, and collect bubbles to buy costumes, power ups and extra lives.

Run Sackboy Run_1 Run Sackboy Run_2

Haunt the House_iconHaunt the House: Terrortown (Rs 60)

Haunt the House: Terrortown is a side-scrolling action puzzle game where you play a ghost. As a member of the spirit world, your job is to haunt different locations in the town, such as the museum, hospital, theatre and cruise ship. Each venue is filled with townsfolk, and you’ll need to possess various objects to terrify them so that they run out of the exit. As the overall mood of the house becomes more sinister, you’ll get the ability to perform even scarier tasks.

Haunt the House_1 Haunt the House_2

App of the Week

PAC-MAN Friends (Free)

This week, your App Store freebie is PAC-MAN Friends, the latest game in the series. Featuring Pac-Man and his group of friends, you’ll need to stay out of the path of the ghosts Pinky, Inky and Clyde.

Also check out Woah Dave!, Audio Defence: Zombie Arena  and Star Wars: Galactic Defense.

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