Top iOS apps and games of the week #43

Avoid getting your fingers chomped off by monsters, learn how to fend for yourself as a single cell, and control a wonky airplane through impossibly difficult obstacle courses in this week’s top iOS games. On the app front, there are a couple of new sophisticated photo editors to check out, as well as a useful tool to help you solve math problems.


TinType_iconTinType (Rs 60)

From the creators of popular photography app Hipstamatic comes TinType, another photo editor that helps you create vintage portraits. The app has an in-built camera, letting you snap photos in full or square frames. It offers you a choice of black and white or hand-painted colour filters, letting you tweak effects like eye intensity, plate grain and depth of field. You can choose to import existing photos from your camera roll, or edit directly from the native Photos app thanks to the TinType extension.

TinType_1 TinType_2 TinType_3

Pixelmator_iconPixelmator (Rs 300)

Pixelmator, the powerful image-editing tool that was showcased at the iPad launch event last week, is finally available on the App Store. Initially launched for the Mac back in 2007, the app lets you work seamlessly between your PC and iPad, and even supports Photoshop. The professional quality tools let you make layer based edits, colour corrections and retouches, among others. In addition, the app offers an array of painting tools, letting you use your iPad as a canvas.

Pixelmator_1 Pixelmator_2

Inbox by Gmail_iconInbox by Gmail (Free)

Inbox by Gmail is Google’s new email app for iOS and Android. The app is available to download for free, but you’ll need to request Google for an invite to sign in. One of the main features of the app is ‘Highlights’, which extracts and displays important information from emails, such as flight and delivery information, calendar invites, and attached photos. It also bundles all similar messages together, letting you deal with them or delete them in one go. Additionally, it lets you add reminders for tasks, and even snooze emails to a convenient date. 

Inbox by Gmail_1 Inbox by Gmail_2 Inbox by Gmail_3

PhotoMath_iconPhotoMath (Free)

PhotoMath is a unique calculator that uses your iPhone’s camera to help you solve math problems. All you have to do is point your camera at the mathematical expression, and the app will instantly display the result. For when you’re stuck on a problem, you can tap on the ‘steps’ button to view a step-by-step solution. The app supports basic arithmetic, fractions, decimal numbers and linear equations, with support for more math coming in future updates. 

PhotoMath_1 PhotoMath_2 PhotoMath_3


Puzzle to the Centre of the Earth_iconPuzzle to the Centre of the Earth (Free)

Platforming, digging and match-three puzzles come together in the unique Puzzle to the Centre of the Earth. In the game, you play a little explorer digging his way to the core of the planet. To clear obstacles and proceed through levels, you’ll need to match at least three blocks. You can also use special formulas or power-ups to blow up more blocks. Apart from this, you’ll also have to discover hidden treasure and overcome obstacles like creatures, traps, cave-ins, underground oceans and more.

Puzzle to the Centre of the Earth_1 Puzzle to the Centre of the Earth_2 Puzzle to the Centre of the Earth_3

Mmm Fingers_iconMmm Fingers (Free)

If you’re looking for a fun new high-score game to while away the time, Mmm Fingers looks like a dangerously tempting title. The game requires you to touch and hold your finger on the screen, sliding it around to dodge various sharp-toothed monsters. You lose the game if you life your finger off the screen, or if it gets eaten by a monster. If you’ve got a competitive streak, Game Center leaderboards and achievements are also available. 

Mmm Fingers_1 Mmm Fingers_2 Mmm Fingers_3

Felllice_iconFelllice (Rs 60)

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a cell? In Felllice, you can do just that. In this artistic game with black and white graphics, you start out as a tiny cell that has to absorb smaller cells to grow in size. You’ll also need to be wary of larger cells, which can eat up your assimilated cells if you bump into them. The game is meant to be relaxing, but if you want more action you can play in Arena mode, where you’ll be pitted against an opponent.

Felllice_1 Felllice_2 Felllice_3

Retry_iconRETRY (Free)

Angry Birds creator Rovio has released RETRY, its first game under a new publishing arm for experimental games. In the game, you’ll take control of a dinky little airplane, flying it through various courses, avoiding obstacles and collecting coins on the way. The game is similar in difficulty to Swing Copters and Flappy Bird, but adopts a level-based gameplay instead of an endless mode. 

Retry_1 Retry_2

App of the Week

RGB Express (Free)

This week, you can download RGB Express as part of the App of the Week promotion. In this game, you’ll need to plan the routes for a fleet of delivery trucks, making sure each get to their destination safely. 

Also check out Splot, Rival Stars Basketball and Swap Heroes.

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