Top iOS apps and games of the week #42

It’s been another week full of Apple launches. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus went on sale in India, while Apple’s keynote address in Cupertino revealed the new iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3, both sporting Touch ID fingerprint sensors. Mac OS X Yosemite was also publicly launched, finally enabling iOS users to experience Handoff and other continuity features. For now though, here’s a look at the top iOS apps and games launched this week.


Dothraki Companion_iconDothraki Companion (Rs 60)

If you’re fan of the Game of Thrones fantasy fiction and TV series, you’re probably been enamoured by Khal Drogo, the Khaleesi and the rest of the Dothraki contigent. Dothraki Companion, an app written by the developer of the language for the TV show, aims to teach you how to speak the Dothraki language. It features interactive games, 300 vocabulary flashcards, a grammar summary, culture notes and a conversational dialogue.

Dothraki Companion_1 Dothraki Companion_2 Dothraki Companion_3

Skype Qik_iconSkype Qik (Free)

Skype Qik is a new video messaging app that lets you create and send short videos up to 42 seconds in length to your friends and family. Qik lets you create groups by selecting friends from your address book. You can also save a few pre-recorded messages, called Qik Fliks. Messages are automatically deleted after two weeks, but you can erase a message at any time to make it disappear permanently from the conversation.

Skype Qik_1 Skype Qik_2 Skype Qik_3

JustAddAudio_iconJustAddAudio (Free)

JustAddAudio is a useful new app that lets you add royalty-free soundtracks to your photos and videos. The app offers over 1,200 professional tracks sourced from AudioBlocks, and even lets you create your own ‘story’. To do this, you need to select a bunch of photos or a video, choose a ‘mood’ and finally, add a musical score. Once done, you can save and share your story via social networks, email or text message.

JustAddAudio_1 JustAddAudio_2 JustAddAudio_3

Selfie Vista_iconSelfie Vista (Free)

Selfie Vista is an app that uses both the front and rear facing cameras on your iPhone to create a single image. It’s similar to the app Frontback, but differs in that both images are shot simultaneously. The resulting two-photo collage is square shaped, making it ideal for sharing to Instagram. You can take photos in both landscape and portrait mode, and move and resize them to compose the final result.

Selfie Vista_1 Selfie Vista_2 Selfie Vista_3


Angry Birds Transformers_iconAngry Birds Transformers (Free)

After months of leaks and teasers, Rovio has finally released Angry Birds Transformers. Taking a break from its slingshot mechanic, the new game is a shoot ‘em up adventure, where the brave Autobirds are pitted against the smelly Deceptihogs. In the game, you’ll be able to unlock a variety of heroes, transform into an array of vehicles, and partner with a friend to unleash a Tag Team attack. 

Angry Birds Transformers_1 Angry Birds Transformers_2

Helix_iconHelix (Rs 190)

Helix is a simple but tough retro arcade game with colourful graphics. You’ll control a strange-looking spacecraft which you can move around using your finger. There are enemies all around you, but rather than shoot, you can only destroy them by encircling them. Some enemies need to be circled in a specific direction, while other have health bar indicators, requiring multiple circles before they can be eliminated.

Helix_1 Helix_2

Hyspherical_iconHyspherical (Free)

Hyspherical is a deceptively simple puzzle game about spheres. The game requires you to place spheres into rotating circles, taking care to make sure they don’t collide. There are over 100 levels to master, and to complete each one you need to make sure that the spheres revolve at least once without crashing into each other. 

Hyspherical_1 Hyspherical_2 Hyspherical_3

Red Riding Hood_iconRed Riding Hood and the Restless Wolves (Rs 60)

An interesting platformer, Red Riding Hood and the Restless Wolves will have you playing Dr. Riding Hood, a noted particle physicist, who gets lost in time and space after an accident caused by a particle blast. You’ll need to explore every inch of the land around you, solving puzzles, jumping over wide chasms and driving abandoned vehicles to get ahead. The game features a surreal, misty atmosphere, an original soundtrack, and support for Handoff, which will let you continue playing it on your Mac.

Red Riding Hood_1 Red Riding Hood_2 Red Riding Hood_3

App of the Week

Tower Madness 2

This week’s App of the Week freebie is Tower Madness 2, a tower defense game that requires you to save sheep from aliens using mortars, lasers, rockets and more. 

Also worth checking out are Hail to the King: Deathbat, Sentinels of the Multiverse and South Park Pinball.

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