Top iOS apps and games of the week #41

A macabre slingshot game, a chat app that turns your conversations into hand-drawn comics, and an enchanting puzzle await you on the App Store this week. On the productivity front, there’s a minimalist new calculator, a simple budgeting app and the brand new Autodesk Sketchbook


Google News & Weather_iconGoogle News & Weather (Free)

Google has been steadily releasing iOS versions of its Android apps, with the latest being Google News & Weather. The app provides a personalised view of headlines, local news and weather. The news is sourced from over 65,000 publications, and you can swipe to browse through categories like Top Stories, Technology, Sports and Weather. You can choose from one of 60 country specific editions, and add sections of interest like Hollywood, Fashion and more.  

Google News & Weather_1 Google News & Weather_2 Google News & Weather_3

comiXchat_iconcomiXchat (Free)

We see new chat apps surface on the App Store everyday, but comiXchat deserves special mention because of its unique feature. The app converts your chats into hand-drawn comics in real time, using artificial intelligence to sense the content and emotion behind your messages. To use the app, you’ll need to sign up for an account, choose an avatar and then add friends. You can even save and share your chats on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social networks. 

comiXchat_1 comiXchat_2 comiXchat_3

Calc One_iconCalc One (Free)

From the makers of Calculator Pro comes Calc One, a simple and intuitive calculator for the iPad. The app offers a choice of standard and scientific calculators, with a Smart Bar that gives you access to your most recent scientific functions in landscape or portrait mode. It displays results as you calculate, and lets you view and interact with your calculation history. You can even personalise the app with a choice of colour themes. 

Calc One_1 Calc One_2

Pennies_iconPennies (Rs 120)

Pennies is a new personal finance app that aims to make budgeting simple. You can choose from weekly, monthly or one-off budgets, and repeat the ones you want. The app tells you how much you have left to spend daily, lets you change your currency, and sends you daily reminders to enter your expenses. While it doesn’t feature tags, charts or graphs, it indicates your spending and finance health in colours, letting you know at a glance whether you’re over budget or good to go.

Pennies_1 Pennies_2 Pennies_3

Autodesk Sketchbook Mobile_iconAutodesk Sketchbook Mobile (Free)

Autodesk has updated its Sketchbook drawing app for iOS in the form of a brand new universal app called Autodesk Sketchbook Mobile. The app gives you the entire screen as a blank canvas, letting you zoom in up to 2,500 percent to view details. You can choose from over 10 present brushes, including pens, pencils and markers, and customise their radius, opacity, rotation and more. Your works are saved in the Sketchbook gallery, but you can also store and share them via Dropbox or iCloud. A selection of Pro tools are also available via an in-app purchase.

Autodesk Sketchbook Mobile_1 Autodesk Sketchbook Mobile_2 Autodesk Sketchbook Mobile_3


Skullduggery_iconSkullduggery! (Rs 300)

Skullduggery! is a platformer game that takes the Angry Birds slingshot mechanic to a whole new, grisly level. In the game, you play a skull employed as a collection agent for the Afterlife’s IRS (Infernal Revenue Service). Using your brain matter as a rubber band, you’ll have to fling yourself at the scum of the underworld, taking care to avoid obstacles. The game features three worlds, 24 levels, power ups and boss battles. There are also hidden rooms and containers to discover, over 20 skulls to unlock and even a multi-player mode. 

Skullduggery_1 Skullduggery_2

Dragon Quest II_iconDRAGON QUEST II (Free)

Originially released for Nintendo in 1987, the second installment of the popular DRAGON QUEST series has now been ported to iOS. Set a century after the events of the first game, you’ll play the young prince of Midenhall, who sets out on an epic journey to find the two other heirs to the heroic bloodline, so that they can defeat the villain, High Priest Hargon. In the game, you’ll wander the world, battle monsters in infested dungeons, travel the seas in search for new lands, and uncover hidden treasures. 

Dragon Quest II_1 Dragon Quest II_2 Dragon Quest II_3

Find The Line_iconFind the Line (Free)

Find the Line is a unique puzzle game where you turn lines into images. Each level displays tiny drawings that give you hints of what the final image will be. Using the slider, you’ll need to unwind the lines to form the final image. The game features over 200 levels, hidden stars and keys, and an Expert mode for harder puzzles. 

Find The Line_1Find The Line_2

Cars_iconCars: Fast as Lightning (Free)

The Disney and Pixar animated movie Cars has zoomed into the App Store in this new racing game. It features all the characters from the movie, complete with voice acting and cut-scenes. The game features a customisable racing experience, letting you add roller coasters and track pieces to your liking. You can choose from over 20 car characters, and upgrade and customise them with paint jobs. In the game, you’ll also get to build your own version of Radiator Springs, the home of Lightning McQueen and his friends. 

Cars_1 Cars_2 Cars_3

Daddy Long Legs_iconDaddy Long Legs (Free)

Daddy Long Legs is an endless walking game where you’re in control of a spidery character whose legs are five times as long as his head. Featuring a simple game mechanic, you’ll need to tap the screen to make him put one leg in front of the other, taking care not to let him fall flat on his face. The game displays high scores of your friends while you’re playing, and lets you share replays of your walks. 

Daddy Long Legs_1 Daddy Long Legs_2

App of the Week


Free on the App Store this week is JELLIES!, a puzzle game where you’re tasked with helping Bob the Fisherman recover his bitten-off fingers by connecting matching jellies. The game features three modes, several missions and funny dialogues.

Also check out Zombie Highway 2, Yes Chef! and the latest update to SignEasy, which now lets you sign contracts and documents biometrically, thanks to Touch ID integration. While we’re at it, SwiftKey keyboard has also released an important update, which brings improved load times, a faster typing experience, and crash fixes.

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