Top iOS apps and games of the week #41

Race to victory with Sonic and his friends, build and defend the space station of your dreams, and manage your very own soda tavern in this week’s top iOS games. Our apps roundup includes a new relaxation app from the makers of Monument Valley as well as an intuitive design app that lets you create professional quality logos and illustrations.


Pause_iconPAUSE (Rs 120)

From the makers of Monument Valley comes a new relaxation app called PAUSE. The app brings a new digital approach to ancient meditation practices. It requires you to gently and continuously move your fingertips across the phone’s screen, which responds with calming audio-visual feedback. The technique aims to keep your attention and focus on the present moment, helping you release stress.

Pause_1 Pause_2 Pause_3

Twitter_iconTwitter (Free)

Twitter has received an update that lets users send super-sized emojis in direct messages. The emojis appear in their magnified size only when sent as a standalone message, and not when clubbed with text. Additionally, Twitter has introduced a new feature called ‘Moments’. This gives users a glimpse of interesting conversations happening on Twitter around the world, across various categories. Moments are curated by Twitter’s in-house team as well as various content partners. This feature is currently available only in the US, but is rolling across the world gradually.

Twitter_1 Twitter_2 Twitter_3

Assembly_iconAssembly (Rs 190)

Assembly is a new design app that lets anyone create professional logos, icons, characters and illustrations thanks to its 15 easy tutorials. The app features over 180 shapes you can snap together, position and zoom into. You can choose from 20 colour palettes, and customise each shape’s fill, opacity, stroke style, colour, shadow and glow. There are also a range of tools like copy, flip, rotate, multi-select and grouping. You can export your results as high-resolution JPG, PNG or vector images, and sync your projects across devices with iCloud.

Assembly_1 Assembly_2 Assembly_3


Sonic Dash 2_iconSonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom (Free)

Everyone’s favourite squirrel returns in this sequel to Sonic Dash, featuring the cast of the popular TV show Sonic Boom. The game lets you race with up to three characters in Team Play mode, and swap runners mid-race to achieve high scores. You’ll be able to unleash new special powers like Sonic’s Dash Ring Magnet, Knuckle’s Slam, Amy’s Ring Hammer and more, as well as conquer new obstacles. You’ll also get to race on new fast-paced tracks, master a new Swing & Tilt gameplay, collect and evolve your character, and earn special prizes in events and daily SEGA challenges.

Sonic Dash 2_1 Sonic Dash 2_2 Sonic Dash 2_3

Space Miner Wars_iconSpace Miner Wars (Free)

In Space Miner Wars, you’ll get to design and defend your own space station, build a vast space mining empire, blast huge asteroids, and defeat other players in your quest for galactic dominance. You’ll be able to play with millions of other players, join forces in Mining Guilds, and conquer more territories in arcade style PvP attacks. You’ll also get to outfit your space station with turrets, drones and more, as well as craft, customise and upgrade a fleet of spaceships.

Space Miner Wars_1 Space Miner Wars_2

Chesh_iconChesh (Free)

In this challenging puzzle based on chess, you’ll get to play against your friends, your phone or an online player. The game guarantees a unique gaming experience every time you play, with 533 different pieces, an adjustable board size and a customisable number of pieces in each game. There are three different game modes available – Bullet Chesh, Infinite Chesh and Blitz Chesh.

Chesh_1 Chesh_2 Chesh_3

Soda Dungeon_iconSoda Dungeon (Free)

In this dungeon raider, you’ll get to manage your very own soda tavern. Your objective is to hire travelling adventurers, and get them to collect treasure by engaging in level-based battles in dungeons. As you increase your wealth, you’ll subsequently be able to grow your tavern, recruit more adventurers, upgrade their armour and weapons, and face off against bigger bosses.

Soda Dungeon_1 Soda Dungeon_2

App of the Week

Wake (Free)

For the next one week, you can download the gorgeous, intuitive alarm app Wake for free. The app lets you choose from three alarm styles, and lets you deal with your alarm using simple gestures, such as slap to snooze, flip to turn off, and shake to wake.

Other notable new games to check out include The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land, Dub Dash and Leave me alone

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