Top iOS apps and games of the week #40

The launch of the iPhone 6 is all but confirmed for October 17th, but if you’ve already upgraded your iPhone or iPad to iOS 8, there are several new apps and games in store. Apart from a couple of fun, new third-party keyboards, we’ve also shortlisted some interesting games across categories like endless runners, match-threes and dual-stick shooters.


PopKey_iconPopKey (Free)

PopKey is a third-party keyboard that lets you send animated GIFs. It gives you access to thousands of free GIFs, letting you save your favourites, access recently used GIFs. and even view trending GIFs. You can browse and search for GIFs across categories, and even upload your own. Since PopKey can be installed as a third-party keyboard, you can use it with any compatible app. 

PopKey_1 PopKey_2 PopKey_3

ScribbleBoard_iconScribbleBoard (Free)

ScribbleBoard functions more like a keyboard extension than a replacement for your keyboard app. It lets you draw and doodle on a blank canvas, letting you choose a background colour, the thickness of your pencil, and the colour of your line. Once you’ve created your work of art, you can copy it to your clipboard and paste it into your message. Alternatively, you can save it to your camera roll for sharing at a later time.

ScribbleBoard_1 ScribbleBoard_2 ScribbleBoard_3

MonSense_iconMonSense (Rs 60)

As the name suggests, MonSense is an app that lets you organise your finances, whether for personal, business or travel use. You can create multiple accounts, each with support for individual currencies. A feature called ‘Quick Expense’ lets you create a template to enter frequent expenses, while ‘Pending Payments’ helps you keep track of future payments. Additionally, the app lets you export your data, add categories, enable a passcode or visualise all your transactions in a pie chart. 

MonSense_1 MonSense_2 MonSense_3

Flic_iconFlic (Rs 60)

You know how easy it is to like or dismiss a potential match on Tinder? Flic is an app that lets you do the same for your camera roll. Using the app, you can quickly review your images one by one, choosing to keep or delete them with a swipe or ‘flic’ of your finger. Once you’re done, you can review your trash can and confirm to delete. The app will even send you a reminder each month to comb through your camera roll, so you can delete unnecessary photos and free up some precious gigabytes.

Flic_1 Flic_2 Flic_3


Monsu_iconMonsu (Free)

Selected as Editor’s Choice on the App Store this week, Monsu is a side-scrolling endless runner game, in which you’ll need to help Monsu the green ogre retreive his stolen treasure from the thieving villagers. Along the way, you’ll be able to collect and upgrade characters, power ups, weapons and mounts. You’ll also be able to unearth and evolve cards to unlock special characters. For added fun, you can customise Monsu’s costumes, and play with your friends in online tournaments, thanks to Game Center and Facebook integration.

Monsu_1 Monsu_2

Adventure Xpress_iconAdventure Xpress (Free)

A match-three puzzle RPG, in Adventure Xpress you don the role of a courier man or woman, tasked with delivering letters to dangerous locations. Along the way, you’ll encounter all sorts of enemies, and you’ll need to defeat them by matching three or more runes on a grid, creating combos to do more damage. You’ll be able to equip yourself with 20 types of weapons and 10 types of armour, learn and upgrade five elemental spells, and connect with friends to boost your score. There are over 275 battle locations to cover, and as a bonus, you even get to read the letters you deliver.  

Adventure Xpress_1 Adventure Xpress_2 Adventure Xpress_3

Entwined Challenge_iconEntwined Challenge (Rs 60)

Entwined Challenge is the iOS port of Entwined, which was released earlier this year for PlayStation. The game will put your reflexes to the test, as you control two characters – a fish and a bird – simultaneously. You’ll pass through several levels, collecting orbs along the way, which will speed up your path to evolution. There are a total of five levels, one for each of the Asian elements of fire, earth, water, wood and metal. The game also features a new scoring system, unlockables and online leaderboards. 

Entwined Challenge_1 Entwined Challenge_2

Inferno 2_iconInferno 2 (Rs 190)

Inferno 2 is the sequel to the popular hit dual-stick shooter Inferno+, and brings back the same arcade style gameplay and bright visuals. In the game, you control a ship in space, as you progress from level to level, shooting endless luminescent enemies. The game features over 80 levels, upgrades for your weapons, three difficulty levels, and over 50 enemy types. It’s compatible with MFi controllers too. 

Inferno 2_1 Inferno 2_2

Tiny Troopers Alliance_iconTiny Troopers: Alliance (Free)

Tiny Troopers is back, and this time it’s in the form of a combat strategy game called Tiny Troopers: Alliance. Similar to Clash of Clans, you’ll need to build your base and lead your troops into battle. You’ll have full control over your various units, including infantry, air and vehicles, and be able to unlock, upgrade and dispatch grenades, artillery and nuclear attacks. You’ll also be able to form alliances with other players and fight in global weekly wars.

Tiny Troopers Alliance_1 Tiny Troopers Alliance_2

App of the Week

Fragment (Free)

iPhone photographers have a treat in store, thanks to Apple’s App of the Week promotion. This week’s freebie is Fragment, a photo-editor that lets you create prism-like effects for your photos using various shapes. The app has also been optimised for iOS 8, bringing Handoff support, an extension to allow editing from within the native Photos app, as well as a Notification Center widget.

Also check out Beatbuddy HD, Absorption and Star Warfare2: Payback.

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