Top iOS apps and games of the week #39

It’s been a tough week for Apple, what with the Bendgate fiasco and the iOS 8.0.1 update that rendered the newly launched iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus nearly useless. But things seem to be getting back on track now, and we’re going to take a break from all the drama to bring you our weekly roundup of the top iOS apps and games.


Post-it_iconPost-it Plus (Free)

3M has released Post-it Plus, an app that makes it easy to digitalise and organise your Post-it notes. After your work or brainstorming session, you can take a snapshot of up to 50 Post-it notes using the inbuilt camera app. You can then select and arrange your Post-its, and share your board with others via PowerPoint, Excel, Dropbox, PDF and more.

Post-it_1 Post-it_2 Post-it_3

GIF Keyboard_iconGIF keyboard (Free)

Now that iOS 8 allows the use of system-wide third-party keyboards, we’re seeing several interesting ones pop up on the App Store. GIF Keyboard is one of them, letting you send GIFs right from your keyboard. Just like you do for emoji, you can search for GIFs from various categories, save a GIF from Safari and add your favourites for easy access. 

GIF Keyboard_1 GIF Keyboard_2 GIF Keyboard_3

Manual_iconManual (Rs 120)

As the name suggests, Manual is a photo app designed for those who want to tweak manual settings on their iPhone’s camera. The app gives you full control over shutter speed, ISO, focus, exposure compensation and white balance. You can view live histograms, monitor automatic exposure values and apply grid overlays. There’s also a fill flash mode, light and dark themes and an EXIF data viewer.

Manual_1 Manual_2 Manual_3

Adaptxt Keyboard_iconAdaptxt Keyboard (Free)

Previously available only on Android, Adaptxt Keyboard has just landed on iOS. The keyboard supports over 90 languages, including several Indian ones. It also offers over 40 specialised dictionaries covering health, finance and business fields. Other features include auto-correction, word prediction, swype-based input, as well as a choice of two themes.

Adaptxt Keyboard_1 Adaptxt Keyboard_2 Adaptxt Keyboard_3

Fotograf_iconFotograf (Rs 120)

A new camera and photo-editing app, Fotograf gives you a choice of manual and automatic camera controls. It offers three filter packs – Color Essentials, B+W Essentials and Film Tone. There’s also an Adjustments view which lets you tweak the strength of the filter via sliders, as well as control other parameters like exposure, temperature, shadows, etc. Making use of iOS 8’s new extensibility feature, Fotograf’s editing tools also appear in the native Photos app.

Fotograf_1 Fotograf_2 Fotograf_3


Asphalt Overdrive_iconAsphalt Overdrive (Free)

The newest game in the Asphalt series, Asphalt Overdrive is set in 1980’s California, and features a retro atmosphere with real time lighting effects. The mission-based gameplay offers seven mission modes, including escaping the cops, avoiding obstacles, defeating bosses and performing stunts. You’ll be able to unlock and drive over 30 iconic cars, improve and upgrade them. You can choose to play solo, or team up with friends and other players to participate in events. 

Asphalt Overdrive_1 Asphalt Overdrive_2 Asphalt Overdrive_3

Interstellar_iconInterstellar (Free)

The official game of the new movie, Interstellar is a space-based odyssey that lets you create your own solar system, complete with customised planets, stars and asteroids. You’ll also be able to pilot the Endurance spaceship through your own and friend’s solar systems, avoid massive black holes, send back data to earth, and see how far you can explore before your fuel runs out. You’ll be able to upgrade your ship to improve its durability and range, and earn mission patches for completing objectives.

Interstellar_1 Interstellar_2

Turbo Dismount_iconTurbo Dismount (Free)

Turbo Dismount, the sadistic game that lets you simulate crashes and road mishaps, is now on iOS. In the game, you’ll be able to perform crazy motor stunts, crash into walls and create huge pile-ups. The app features multiple vehicles, obstacles and levels, realistic graphics and sound effects ,and the ability to watch action replays in slo-mo.

Turbo Dismount_1 Turbo Dismount_2

Smarter Than You_iconSmarter Than You (Free)

Smarter Than You is a “social dueling” game you can play against your friends and random opponents. Based on the Rock Paper Scissors principle, both players will have to pick one of three actions to perform as soon as the countdown timer ends. The difference is you can give the other player clues about what you’re going to do, or trick them, which is where the mind games come in.

Smarter Than You_1 Smarter Than You_2 Smarter Than You_3

Kill Shot_iconKill Shot (Free)

Kill Shot is a first-person shooting game where you play a special ops soldier who must partake in various military attacks and assassin missions. The game features over 160 missions, 12 unique maps and locations, 20 different weapon types, power ups and leaderboards. The highlight of the game is its bullet cam, which lets you stare down your rifle’s scope, zoom in and pull the trigger on your target.

Kill Shot_1 Kill Shot_2

App of the Week

Whac a Mole (Free)

This week’s App of the Week freebie is Whac a Mole, a classic arcade game where you’ll need to whip out your mallet and hammer at pesky moles. There are 60 levels to work your way through, coins to collect and upgrades to unlock. 

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