Top iOS apps and games of the week #36

This week on the App Store, Angry Birds gets a female lead, robots take to the dance floor and your knowledge of pop culture is put to the test. There’s also reddit’s official AMA app to check out, as well as an educational astronomy app for kids.                                                                                                      


AMA_iconAsk Me Anything (Free)

Ask Me Anything is the official reddit app that helps you discover the social forum’s popular “Ask Me Anything” interviews of celebrities and famous folk. From the app’s homescreen, you can view the hottest AMA threads and filter them by Hot, Recent or Trending. You can also search for personalities by their fields, and ask someone a question when they are marked as active. When logged into your reddit account, you can vote for your favourite interviews and share them with friends.


Star Walk Kids_iconStar Walk Kids (Rs 190)

The popular astronomy app Star Walk has launched a new app just for kids. Designed as an educational tool, Star Walk Kids lets you hold your phone up towards the sky to see the constellations and stars above. The app features a cartoon-style interface, voice-narrated space facts, simple controls and short animated films that explain cosmic phenomenon. For safety, the app is devoid of in-app purchases and social network integration. 

Star Walk Kids_1 Star Walk Kids_2

Glitch Wizard_iconGlitch Wizard (Rs 60)

Ever seen the funky, neon-tinted images on a corrupt SD card? Glitch Wizard is a photo-editing app lets you intentionally apply that effect to your photos. The app features over 20 glitch effects, and even lets you create short animations for GIFs or videos. You can share results to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram. 

Glitch Wizard_1 Glitch Wizard_2 Glitch Wizard_3

Rev Translator_iconRevTranslator (Free)

Yamaha has released a new app called RevTranslator, created especially for bikers who have an unhealthy obsession with their ride. The app aims to “translate” what your bike is feeling. All you need to do is record a sample of the engine sound, and the app will translate it into one of 100 million prepared lines, based on the sound, time, weather and other factors. We suggest you don’t take the app too seriously though, unless you want to stay single for the foreseeable future.

Rev Translator_1 Rev Translator_2 Rev Translator_3


Etherlords_iconEtherlords (Free)

Acclaimed RPG and world-building game Etherlords has made its way to iOS. The game features two aspects – combat and world building. For the first, you’ll need to find and capture creatures. and pit them against enemies in three-on-three combat. There are over 180 creatures to discover, and you can even fuse them together to gain new abilities. The world building aspect will require you to explore and build new worlds, during which you’ll discover new creatures and engage in more battles. The best part about the game is that it doesn’t feature any energy limits, and can be played without an internet connection.

Etherlords_1 Etherlords_2 Etherlords_3

Angry Birds Stella_iconAngry Birds Stella (Free)

Rovio has launched the latest game in its Angry Birds franchise, and this time it’s a spinoff with a female lead. Angry Birds Stella features an all-female flock who are charged with protecting Golden Island from Bad Princess Gale and her army of piggies. The game features the same physics-based slingshot gameplay, over 120 levels, improved graphics and new moves to master.

Angry Birds Stella_1 Angry Birds Stella_2 Angry Birds Stella_3

Lego Star Wars_iconLego Star Wars The New Yoda Chronicles (Free)

The sequel to last year’s Lego Star Wars The Yoda Chronicles has now been released on the App Store. To begin, you’ll have to choose a faction to side with – Darth Vader or Yoda – and then proceed with a series of mini games played throughout the Lego Star Wars universe. The game features 24 Lego Star Wars MiniFigures, 12 vehicles, eight levels and four space battles.

Lego Star Wars_1 Lego Star Wars_2

Robot Dance Party_iconRobot Dance Party (Free)

You may be able to do “The Robot” dance, but have you ever made a robot dance? In Robot Dance Party, you’ll need to assemble your own dancing robot made out of spare parts, and then put them to battle on the dance floor. In this rhythm-based game, you can choose to go wild in freestyle mode or have a dance off in a player vs player competition. You can even watch instant replays of your performances and share them on Facebook.

Robot Dance Party_1 Robot Dance Party_2

Iconic_iconIconic (Free)

This gorgeous quiz app aims to test your knowledge of pop culture using hand-illustrated icons. You’ll be presented with an icon for each question, covering categories like music, movies and people. You’ll then need to type your answer from the selection of letters available. There are various hints available, which you can unlock with points you’ve amassed or via an in-app purchase. You can also ask your friends for help by sharing a question on Facebook.

Iconic_1 Iconic_2 Iconic_3

App of the Week

The Photo Cookbook (Free)

This week’s App of the Week freebie is the easy step-by-step cooking app, The Photo Cookbook. Featuring over 84 recipes covering appetisers, main courses and desserts, each step in the app is depicted by a photograph.

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