Top iOS apps and games of the week #35

Headlining the App Store this week is the long-awaited iOS port of Bioshock, complete with the original storyline and stunning visuals. There’s also a beautiful isometric puzzle game on the lines of Monument Valley, a new Tiny Towers game set in Vegas, and Instagram’s new time-lapse app. 


Hyperlapse_iconHyperlapse (Free)

Instagram has launched Hyperlapse, its second standalone app. Available only on iOS for now, the app lets you create handheld time-lapse videos right from your smartphone, smoothening out jerks and bumps with its image stabilisation technology. After you shoot your video, you can choose a playback speed of up to 12x, and share directly to Instagram or Facebook. You don’t need to have an account or sign in to use the app.

Hyperlapse_1 Hyperlapse_2 Hyperlapse_3

Contact Center_iconContact Center (Free)

Contact Center makes it easy to communicate with your family and friends by creating simple shortcuts. From within the app, you can send a group message or mail, send an individual text or email a photo, use FaceTime or send a WhatsApp message. You can also use it to search for and call any contact, dial a number using the keypad, or paste your clipboard into an email or text. The app even lets you search for and share animated GIFs thanks to its inbuilt Giphy search.

Contact Center_1 Contact Center_2 Contact Center_3

Time Zones_iconTime Zones (Free)

If you’re constantly trying to work out different time zones for work or to keep in touch with family and friends, Time Zones wants to help. The app lets you search for time zones all over the world, and rename the most important places for convenience. The ‘Quick Check’ mode lets you look up a future date and time in any city, and save it directly to your calendar in local time to make scheduling easier. The app features a minimalist interface, with background colours that change in accordance with sunrise, sunset, day and night.

Time Zones_1 Time Zones_2 Time Zones_3

SideChef_iconSideChef (Free)

SideChef, the Kickstarter-funded app that was initially available only on the iPad, has now been released for the iPhone. The app provides step-by-step instructions to help you prepare dishes from over 1,000 recipes. Apart from photos, the app also provides voice commands for when you don’t want to get your iPhone dirty while cooking. Other features include integrated timers, search by keyword, cuisine or diet, shopping checklists and conversions.

SideChef_1 SideChef_2

Travel Butler_iconTravel Butler (Free)

Travel Butler is a useful packing list app that generates a packing list based on the weather of the destination you’re travelling to. The app even recommends restaurants, bars, cafes and sightseeing points to check out. You can choose to generate a packing list for a vacation or business trip, and even create a personalised list of items you want to take for every trip. Items are organised by category, and you can check off the list item by item. 

Travel Butler_1 Travel Butler_2 Travel Butler_3


Bioshock_iconBioshock (Rs 920)

Seven years after it was originally released for Windows and Xbox 360, acclaimed first person shooter Bioshock has been ported to iOS. Even though the title is very expensive, the game justifies its cost by including the original storyline and high-end graphics. In the game, you’ll get to explore the underwater world of Rapture, biologically modify your body to acquire new abilities, upgrade your weapons, and make meaningful decisions that will affect the final outcome of the game. Due to performance requirements, the game is compatible only with the iPhone 5 and above, and 4th generation iPad and above.

Bioshock_1 Bioshock_2

Tiny Tower Vegas_iconTiny Tower Vegas (Free)

The popular Tiny Tower franchise goes to Vegas in this new business stimulation game. In Tiny Tower Vegas, you’ll get to build and manage your own casino, complete with shopping, dining and entertainment floors. You can even customise your casino with elevators, lobbies and various themed roofs. In order to make money, you’ll have to place your bets in various casino games; plus you’ll earn chips when your friends play in your tower. The game features various pixelated characters called ‘bitizens’, and you can keep a tab on what they’re thinking by reading the ‘Bitbook’ social network.

Tiny Tower Vegas_1 Tiny Tower Vegas_2 Tiny Tower Vegas_3

Back to Bed_iconBack to Bed (Rs 250)

If you enjoyed the Escher-inspired isometric puzzles of Monument Valley, you should check out Back to Bed. In the game, you’ll have to guide the sleepwalking Bob to the safety of his bed, by controlling his subconscious guardian called Subob. The game features beautiful 3D graphics, a surreal universe filled with beautiful and scary elements, and a difficult ‘Nightmare’ mode for those who like challenges. 

Back to Bed_1 Back to Bed_2

Little Raiders_iconLittle Raiders: Robin’s Revenge (Free)

This Robin Hood-inspired game by Ubisoft mixes elements of combat, adventure and building games. Tasked with helping Robin in his fight against Sheriff Blackthorn, you’ll create a band of little raiders, free villagers and battle enemies. You’ll also get to build your village, collect loot, craft weapons and engage in epic boss battles. The game features three regions, hundreds of missions and unlockable maps and quests. 

Little Raiders_1 Little Raiders_2 Little Raiders_3

Epic Eric_iconEpic Eric (Rs 60)

In Epic Eric, you can choose to play Eric the noble knight or Erica the princess, as you embark on a journey to rescue your one true love. This platform puzzler offers simple one-touch gameplay, and requires you to swing, bounce, slip and slide to collect all the stars in each level. The game features three themes and over 45 levels, with hidden Easter Eggs and unlockable achievements scattered along the way.

Epic Eric_1 Epic Eric_2

App of the Week

Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage (Free)

Apple has selected the physics-based puzzle game, Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage as its free App of the Week. The game requires you to use your icebreaking skills to save the Vikings, with over 140 levels, and boss battles and side quests on offer. 

Also check out Almightree: The Last Dreamer, The Nightmare Cooperative and Optika.

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